Announcing Plogue chipspeech



We are proud to announce the third member in Plogue’s ‘chip’ series, Plogue chipspeech.

A faithful emulation of all major classic speech synthesis chips of the early 1980′s, and a few surprises.
It’s a synthesizer, not a Vocoder.
Coming soon…

Bidule 0.9737 Released!



Here’s the list of new features and bug fixes in v0.9737:

Preliminary VST3 hosting
Added custom body colour per bidule
Added passthrough version of all MIDI-based parameter modulators
Added MIDI Note Filter (Range)
Added Delay Line 2
Added new i/o configuration for OSC Creator/Extractor
MIDI File Player: added parameter to force going back to position 0 on
OS X: Added MIDI FX AU hosting
OS X: Added MIDI FX AU plugin version
Windows: added some support for hot plugging/unplugging of USB-based MIDI devices
Windows: larger buffer sizes available


Plogue releases AAX Native 64 versions of chipsounds, chipcrusher and sforzando.


AAX Native 64

Plogue is committed to supporting Avid’s AAX Native 64 format.
Pro Tools users, you can now use our ARIA-based products in Pro Tools 11 and up!
Your previous chipsounds and sforzando RTAS sessions will load seamlessly.

The updates are now available on our download page.