A New sforzando and a New Synth for our 15th anniversary!



New sforzando and TableWarp2t

The FREE 15th anniversary Plogue synth is here!
A blast from the past! MadBrain’s TableWarp2 resurrects the easy to use but versatile sound of the classic 2002 Jeskola Buzz plugin, in a pumpkin theme just in time for Halloween!

Now featuring dual oscillators and updated for the modern plugin world as a free bank for sforzando. Blend the classic sounds of PWM, FM, PD and subtractive by selecting a base wavetable and then warping it using a warptable!

TableWarp2 is now part of the sforzando installer package, which you can find on our downloads page.


As this wasn’t good enough, TableWarp2 takes full advantage of sforzando’s new Snapshot box! Now, you can also save your presets and recall them easily!

To top this off, you can select the pitch bend range (between none and two octaves) and add Ambience reverb or Detune effects just like you would in chipspeech and Alter/Ego!


Alter/Ego and Daisy released!



AE Daisy


Alter/Ego and its first Voice Bank, Daisy are now available on the Downloads page.


Announcing Plogue Alter/Ego



Alter/Ego (アルター・エゴ) is a new real-time voice singing synthesis platform (VSTi/AU/RTAS/AAX64 plugin) by Plogue Art et Technologie, Inc.
Alter/Ego has the same work-flow as chipspeech but is intended to host voice technology that is not strictly vintage. In other words, post-1984 published research.

We will launch the ‘Alter/Ego’ platform itself for FREE along with Crusher-P‘s very own Alter/Ego: Daisy (separate download).
Daisy will also appear in chipspeech once installed – as she’s the anchor between the worlds of the past and the future.

Stay tuned for more details!