chipcrusher, the new advanced bitcrusher, speaker simulator and noise machine!

bitcrusher, speaker simulator, noise machine


chipcrusher is an advanced bitcrusher, a speaker simulator and a noise machine. It has taken us a lot of effort. But we are finally proud to announce the release of this long awaited effect plugin! We hope you’ll like it.

There is a wide spectrum of results achievable with chipcrusher. For example:

- Uniquely destroy/mangle a beat, a guitar or any other audio track.
- Play single hits and emulate the sound of old samplers.
- Add ‘accurate dirt’ to chipsounds’s output.
- Etc.

The three main components in chipcrusher are: DAC Encoding, Background Noise and Post-Processing. The audio inputs first go through a simulation of early lofi digital audio codecs (DAC Encoding). Then it get mixed with the Background Noise to add some grit. Finally, the sound is sent through a selection of speakers and filter impulse responses. We call this last stage the Post-Processing stage. Of course, each component can be bypassed on demand without muting the audio.

1. Multiple DAC Encodings when you thought you only needed a mere bitcrusher…

The DAC Encoding resamples the input audio and re-encodes it using your choice of LPCM, FPCM, DPCM, A-Law, μ-Law, DIALOGIC, BRR, YADPCM, LPC-10, PWM or PDM.

2. Background Noise to add some grit!

Noises were carefully recorded and looped from our collection of gear. These consoles and arcade boards were also used for the research behind chipsounds. Just select the preset and adjust volume to taste. Note: default volumes should be used if you want to keep it subtle.

Some units generate different noises depending on external factors. For instance, it is well known that the Commodore 64 and Vectrex background noises were directly related to what was displayed at a particular time on the screen. In this case various noises are available.

3. Post Processing

A very efficient convolution engine allows chipcrusher’s sound (which can be very harsh at times) to go through a few of the most well loved vintage gaming devices, computers or monitors. Each impulse gives a totally different tonal quality to the sound.

The available impulses are split into 5 categories: Computers, Filters, Monitors, Game Devices and Musical Instruments.

Advanced bitcrusher, Speaker Simulator and more!
It can work as a VST/AU/RTAS plug-in for most major sequencing audio programs and supported tracker programs. All this on both Windows and OS X operating systems.

Learn more about chipcrusher here!

For a limited time, this new advanced bitcrusher, speaker simulator and noise machine was offered at 39$ only. chipcrusher is now at its new regular price of 49$.