Bidule 0.9675 released



A new version of Bidule has been released.

New Features:

  • Basic Audio Buffer 2 bidule with selectable loop points
  • Waveviewer bidule to view the signal waveform
  • Parameter Modulator (abs) trigger version
  • Audio File Output : Added W64
  • Comb Filter 2 : now uses hermite interpolation
  • Main window : added Find bidule by name
  • Main window : added scan new plugins only menu entry
  • MIDI To Sync : overriden tempo is now saved within the layout
  • MIDI To Sync : added round tempo parameter
  • VST/AU plugins : added user-specified tail time
  • plus many more little improvements

Bug Fixes:

  • Crossover filter : 5th order minimun frequency being enforced incorrectly
  • Import/drop of .bidule files don’t show all parameters in the parameters window
  • MIDI : 7bit CC could be used for feedback when 14bit should have been used
  • MIDI Devices : renaming Bidule virtual MIDI ports could lead to an endless loop of renaming
  • Monitor : changing the I/O of a group while monitoring could cause a crash
  • Multitap Delay : taking more CPU than it used to
  • Multitap Delay/Basic Audio Buffer : buffer allocation could possibly occur in realtime thread
  • OS X : backspace key not working as shortcut to delete parameter links
  • OS X : using cmd-w shortcut to close an AU plugin window could lead to a crash
  • OS X : VST version could make Live menu disappear
  • OS X : VST version could crash when deleting it from the host
  • Parameters window: deleting links with the delete key sometimes doesn’t remove the link
  • plus many more fixes