Bidule 0.9685 released



A new version of Bidule has been released.
New Features:

  • Added DSP Adapter feature to wrap groups to run a limited set of
    bidules at a buffer size of 1 samples (more bidules to be supported, other
    buffer sizes and sample rates support to come)
  • Added OSC Monitor to show all incoming/outgoing OSC Messages
  • Optimized handling of presets to reduce memory usage and fix a few bugs
  • Added MIDI Message Creator
  • Added MIDI Note Off Velocity Remapper
  • Expanded MP Assign to use up to 8 cores
  • plus many more little improvements

Bug Fixes:

  • AU Version : sample rate change could be missed
  • Integer parameter display not always being accurate
  • Message Remapper : remapping pitchbend doesn’t work
  • OSC : using the open command on a file loading audio files in the Mediapool or using the
    polyphonic adapter crashes
  • Polyphonic Adapter: doesn’t transmit some MIDI messages to active voices
  • Possible crash if a VST could not properly initialize itself
  • ReWire Device : added protection against out of range MIDI events timestamp
  • Value List : could load up with incorrect values
  • VST Hosting : some MIDI events coming out of plugins could be missed/skipped
  • plus many more fixes