Bidule 0.9690 released



A new version of Bidule has been released.(revision history including interim versions since 0.9685)

New Features:

  • Added number of columns field in the Group Parameters window
  • Added display path field in the Group Properties window
  • Most pop-up messages will now auto-dismiss after 5 seconds

Bug Fixes:

  • AU Plugin: some MIDI events could be lost in some hosts
  • AU plugin : fixed possible crash that could occur on key down/up after several closing+opening of the AU window
  • AU+VST plugin : fixed possible crash on wake from sleep if the plugin was not initialized completely but still loaded in RAM
  • Audio Stats : values not exported correctly to the group level
  • Context Menu: MP Assign submenu can disappear after using the context menu on a group of objects
  • Devices: loading a .bidule made with another audio/MIDI device changes the display name of the current device
  • DSP Adapter: subgroups not working with DSP Adapter
  • DSP Adapter: some bidules being allowed to be used with DSP Adapter but output nothing
  • DSP/Poly adapter : parameters window missing parameters after using undo/redo
  • Graphical Envelope : fixed possible infinite loop
  • Groups : crash could occur if reordering group parameters when there is a group parameter linked to another group parameter
  • Groups : crash could occur when deleting a group under some specific combination of sync source/sync to and groups
  • Groups : names starting with an ampersand are not displayed correctly in menus
  • Matrix : clicking on cells when scrolled could lead to strange results
  • Matrix : scrolling causing display issues on Windows
  • MIDI : fix possible issue where multiple events occurring on the same sample tick could become out of order
  • Monitoring: crash could occur when using replace with the monitoring window visible
  • MP Assign : better support of MIDI devices shared between MP assigned branches
  • OSC Extractor : Depending on the address pattern and other Extractors, changing the address could lead to messages not being processed anymore
  • OSC Monitor : Unresponsiveness can occur after a large number of messages
  • OSC : hanging can occur if cut+pasting OSC sending bidules while sending OSC messages
  • OS X : saved renamed virtual MIDI ports are not renamed upon loading back the file
  • Relative Parameter Modulator used as group parameters could lead to strange issues
  • ReWire Devices Config: not saving the correct number of audio channels
  • ReWire mode : tentative fix for crash on closing the device when displaying MIDI ports in PT because it doesn’t explicitely remove them
    (this needs a manual config/registry change)OS X : open a Terminal window and paste this:
    defaults write com.plogue.bidule ReWireDevice.PTFix -int 1
    then press enter

    Windows: under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\PlogueBidule add a DWORD value named
    set its value to 1

  • Spectral Graph: 4 channels version could crash depending on the FFT Window Size setting
  • VST plugin : crash could occur on a mono track when there’s no default VST layout
  • VST plugin OS X : fixed crash that could occur on 10.5 on drag and drop when running as a plugin and having multiple monitors
  • VST/AU plugin/ReWire mode : having the Never Substitute Devices option enabled could lead to layouts not loading correctly
  • VST plugin OS X: added code to prevent crash when opening the UI in Resolume Avenue
  • VST plugin : Live 8 configure parameters now work
  • Windows : added possibility to blacklist ASIO devices in a text file
  • Added warning to the user if saving to file fails because of too many opened files.