Bidule 0.9695 released



A new version of Bidule has been released.

Version v0.9695 (November 2nd, 2009) is now available for download !

Revision history including interim versions since 0.9690:
- Added Reorganize Presets
- Added Clock
- Added stereo version of Audio Switchers
- Added stereo version of Audio Matrices
- Added stereo version of Input Selectors
- Added stereo version of Output Selectors
- Added Value List 2 : Value with extra outputs for current index, number of entries and trigger for wraparound
- Added Variable (Integer)
- Added large label control
- Sync Transport : added loop mode
- Sync Creator: added inputs to generate looping
- Sync Extractor : added outputs for looping information
- Audio File Looper/Basic Audio Buffer 2/Step Sequencer : added cursors for current positions

- Added several OSC addresses to many bidules for things unrelated to parameters
- Send To OSC Servers context menu : when applied on a group, all bidules inside the group will also be set to send to the selected OSC server
- OSC : added options to assume input messages parameters are normalized [0, 1] and to send normalized values
- Offline mode can now support MP Assign
- Monitoring : added tooltips to view the complete input/output name

Bug Fixes:
- Accum : does not take start value into account without doing a reset
- ADSR/AHDSR : sustain could never truly be 0
- Align : Bidule with two bodies could end up with one body over the other
- AU : better handling of preset changes when aupreset files have mismatched filename and internal name
- AU : if an AU changes its list of parameters, the original list could still be seen in the Parameter window
- AU : some multi buses plugins would show extraneous i/o
- AU : Cocoa UI not hiding
- AU: fixed possible crash when .aupreset could not be parsed
- AU plugin: fixed display of UI sometimes not working correctly in some hosts under 10.6
- Audio File Looper/Basic Audio Buffer 2: relaxed zoomed out “x” limitation
- Bidules with two bodies could have their position not saved correctly
- CombFilter 2 : not working correctly when using a delay of 0 samples
- Crossfader/Fadercross: left input could slightly bleed into output when it’s 100% right input
- Group : using LED control with columns lead to strange UI look
- MIDI Buffer : fixed possible crash
- MIDI File Recorder : pitchbend events could be recorded incorrectly
- MP Assign : many little adjustments made that should fix some non-working cases
- MP Assign : MP Assigning inside a group could lead to more CPU usage than it should
- OS X: fixed some cases where Reaktor menu sometimes would not appear
- OS X plugin mode : presets menu sometimes becoming non-responsive
- ReWire device : Bidule not able to start correctly in ReWire mode with Sonar under Vista
- Step Sequencer : fixed ancient bug that could cause bad event timing when looping
- VST plugin : multi output not showing correctly in Sonar
- Windows : windows for plugins and bidules could have their position slightly offset upon loading
+ many more fixes