Bidule 0.97 Released !



A new version of Bidule has been released!

Version v0.97 (March 2nd, 2010) is now available for download.

What’s new in 0.97 ?

  • Added parameter linking of all parameters when selecting a bidule in the source and target tree of the Parameters window
  • Added load and save of Map files to the MIDI and Sample Map UI
  • Added Arpeggiator from chipsounds
  • Added MIDI CC Creator (Multi) and CC Extractor (Multi)
  • Added MIDI Comparison Filter
  • Added MIDI Gate
  • Added MIDI Basic Delay
  • Added Variable (Int)
  • Added multiple i/o configurations for Audio Dummy
  • Added 176400 Hz sample rate
  • Increased speed parameter range in MIDI Buffer, File Looper and Player
  • Basic Audio Buffer 2: added option to save mono files
  • Plugin mode : added possibility to have different FFT settings than standalone
  • Value List: added parameter to save current position
  • Windows x64 : added possibility to have a different VST folder for 64bit

Bug Fixes:

  1. Audio File Player: linking the home parameter through several players doesn’t work
  2. Clock : meter changes do not correctly change the current musical time display
  3. Groups: plugins becoming syncable when processing do not change the syncable state of the parent group
  4. Multiple clicking not registering correctly on some buttons
  5. OS X : Resizable AU Cocoa views not working correctly
  6. Plugin mode: VSTs with no UI wouldn’t work if the main window wasn’t shown
  7. Plugin mode: menus not working in some hosts
  8. Presets: presets made with a bidule with an i/o configuration should be able to load into another i/o configuration if the parameters are the same
  9. Presets: attempting to create a copy of a read-only preset does not retain the changes made to the original preset
  10. Sync Creator: meters could be wrong when loaded from a file
  11. Sync Transport: changing meters could result in an incorrect start of bar
  12. Trigger: When synced it should only output values if the transport is playing
  13. Using Reorganize presets could make some presets disappear
  14. Windows x64: input and output selectors not working correctly
  15. + many more fixes