Bidule 0.9726 Released!



Here’s the list of new features and bug fixes in v0.9726:

Added Basic Moog VCF
Added Ladder filter
Added Multi Gain
OS X: 32bit and 64bit now in the same binary file, no more ppc
(defaults to starting in 32bit, to change that, in Finder do Cmd-I on the application and uncheck Open in 32-bit mode)
OS X: preliminary support for HiDPI mode
OSC Extractor: Added option to force discrete triggers on consecutive messages
OSC Monitoring: Added display of parameters for non-processed messages
Lookup table: added set value dialog on double-click
Added some optimization to .bidule file loading

Bug Fixes:
A(H)DSR envelopes: total release time is not always from current value
DSP Adapter: does not keep the channel names of the group
Gate/Trigger Sequencer: if both reset and trigger occurs
on the same sample, the first entry is skipped
Matrices: renamed i/os are not kept with presets
MIDI Switchers: close note option is not respected if output change doesn’t come from a program change
Mixers: renamed strips are not kept with presets
OS X 64-bit: crash could occur at exit
OS X 64-bit: crash could occur when some dialog are shown
OS X 64-bit: UI is sluggish
OS X 64-bit: Graphical Envelope might not display points immediately
Polyphonic Adapter: a double note on for the same note could produce a stuck note
Step Sequencer: entered values in textboxes do not change without pressing the enter key
Sync To MIDI: looping doesn’t work on target
VST plugin: offline rendering may not work properly
VST: Retrologue doesn’t save its data correctly

Get the latest version of Bidule here: