Bidule 0.9737 Released!



Here’s the list of new features and bug fixes in v0.9737:

Preliminary VST3 hosting
Added custom body colour per bidule
Added passthrough version of all MIDI-based parameter modulators
Added MIDI Note Filter (Range)
Added Delay Line 2
Added new i/o configuration for OSC Creator/Extractor
MIDI File Player: added parameter to force going back to position 0 on
OS X: Added MIDI FX AU hosting
OS X: Added MIDI FX AU plugin version
Windows: added some support for hot plugging/unplugging of USB-based MIDI devices
Windows: larger buffer sizes available

Bug Fixes:
Audio/MIDI File Recorder: save filename parameter state is not saved in group parameters
Groups: editing a group parameter list doesn’t mark the document as dirty
Groups: preset parameter from a VST can show the wrong preset names after
loading a file
Groups: an empty UI can be shown when no parameters are exported
Monitoring: meter can stick depending on input signal
OS X AU version: crash can occur if MIDI ports are added/removed while running in Logic Pro X
OS X: AUSampler UI does not resize correctly
OS X: AUDelay UI always shows in upper left corner
OS X: scrolling/zooming with MacBook trackpad is choppy
OS X: crash/freeze could happen with a Bidule plugin instance hosted in a Bidule plugin instance
OS X: radar is off on Retina displays
OS X: dropping from palette doesn’t use the correct position on Retina displays
OS X: crash can occur if Always use device sample rate is activated with
Faster DSP changes is not
OS X: Find/highlight popup dialog doesn’t have keyboard focus in 64bit
OS X plugin version: some hosted plugins can behaved incorrectly in 64bit
OS X VST version: crash could occur when removing an instance from Cubase 7.x
Plugin version: group UI position is not saved sometimes
Plugin version: sync info from host is dropped if in cycling mode and the current position is wrong
Polyphonic adapter: crash can occur when un-polying multiple instances
Polyphonic adapter: open UI parameter can disappear on polyphonize
Polyphonic adapter: group parameters are not kept on some polyphonize/unpolyphonize operations
ReWire Mode: crash can occur when changing preferences on OS X
Skin selection is broken
Trigger: the parameter doesn’t reset to false state if it’s not processing
Windows: windows can pop off screen when using multiple monitors with different resolutions
many little optimisations

Get the latest version of Bidule here: