Bidule updated to 0.9707



A new version of Plogue’s Modular Audio Software has been released!

Version v0.9707 of Bidule contains the following changes:

* Added support for 12 cores
* OS X: 64-bit test version of the standalone now available
* ReWire: added preference to enable the 64bit standalone to communicate with the ReWire device
* VST: added support for plugins changing the number of inputs/outputs through audioMasterIOChanged

Bug Fixes:

* MIDI To Sync: fixed possible crash when loading an existing layout
* OS X: crash could possibly occur on certain edge cases of MIDI input
* OS X: crash can occur in host after last instance of AU/VST is removed
* OS X: crash could occur under some specific circumstances when plugging back a MIDI device
* Patchbay: connect-insert doesn’t work with some signal types mismatch
* Polyphonic Adapter: parameter links are not kept when using the Polyphonic Adapter
* Sync Transport: uses more CPU when the UI is shown
* + many more fixes