OSC Client Implementation

First to enable the OSC Client part of Bidule, you need to go to the OSC Client Config dialog by selecting OSC Client from the Tools menu. Click on the Enable OSC Client checkbox to activate/deactive. If you wish to use the OSC Client mode, you'll need to add some OSC servers to send OSC messages to by clicking the Add button, fill in the Name, IP Address and Port fields and click the Apply button.

Now that you have at least one OSC server set up and OSC Client enabled, you can right-click on any selected bidule in the patchbay and see a Send to OSC Servers submenu. For each bidule, you can select one or more OSC server to send messages to. The OSC messages that Bidule will send will automatically build an address from the location and name of the bidule and the parameter name (see the OSC Server Implementation section for more details. (Note: you might need to change your firewall software settings to allow Bidule to send messages through the network)