Chapter 14. Plogue Bidule Revision History

Version 0.9786 (February 6th, 2024)

Version 0.9785 (November 13th, 2023)

Version 0.9785 (September 28th, 2023)

Version 0.9785 (September 18th, 2023)

Version 0.9785 (September 5th, 2023)
Version 0.9784 (June 6th, 2023)
Version 0.9784 (May 1st, 2023)

Version 0.9784 (April 6th, 2023)
Version 0.9783 (January 30th, 2023)

Version 0.9783 (December 12th, 2022)
Version 0.9782 (November 21st, 2022)
Version 0.9782 (November 18th, 2022)
Version 0.9782 (November 15th, 2022)
Version 0.9782 (November 9th, 2022)
Version 0.9782 (November 7th, 2022)
Version 0.9782 (November 1st, 2022)

Version 0.9781 (August 31st, 2022)

Version 0.9781 (August 11th, 2022)

Version 0.9781 (August 2nd, 2022)

Version 0.9781 (July 12th, 2022)

Version 0.9780b (June 27th, 2022)

Version 0.9780 (June 20th, 2022)

Version 0.9779 (May 3rd, 2022)

Version 0.9778 (March 30th, 2022)

Version 0.9777 (February 14th, 2022)

Version 0.9777 (February 13th, 2022)

Version 0.9777 (February 9th, 2022)

Version 0.9776 (December 7th, 2021)

Version 0.9775 (November 22nd, 2021)

Version 0.9775 (November 11th, 2021)
Bug Fixes:

Version 0.9774 (October 21st, 2021)

Version 0.9774 (October 7th, 2021)

Version 0.9773 (September 20th, 2021)

Version 0.9771 (May 13th, 2021)

Version 0.9769 (December 9th, 2020)

Version 0.9767 (July 17th, 2020)
Bug Fixes:
*this can be turned off, if this breaks in your host:
defaults write com.plogue.bidule MainWindow.pluginAllowResize -int 0
under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\PlogueBidule add DWORD value named MainWindow.pluginAllowResize and set to 0

Version 0.9766 (April 2nd, 2020)
Bug Fixes:
Version 0.9765 (March 25th, 2020)
Bug Fixes:
Version 0.9764 (February 4th, 2020)
Bug Fixes:
Version 0.9763 (January 29th, 2020)
Bug Fixes:
Version 0.9762 (August 8th, 2019)
Bug Fixes:
Version 0.9761 (February 6th, 2019)

Bug Fixes:
Version 0.9760 (August 31st, 2018)

Bug Fixes:
Version 0.9759 (May 4th, 2018)

Version 0.9759 (April 23rd, 2018)
(changelog coming soon)

Version 0.9758 (December 13th, 2017)
(changelog coming soon)

Version 0.9757a (September 21st, 2017)

Version 0.9757 (June 28th, 2017)

Version 0.9756 (June 7th, 2017)
Bug Fixes:
Version 0.9755 (March 30th, 2017)
Bug Fixes:
Version 0.9755 (March 28th, 2017)
Bug Fixes:
Version 0.9755 (March 23rd, 2017)
Bug Fixes:
Version 0.9754 (December 20th, 2016)
Bug Fixes:
Version 0.9753 (December 13th, 2016)
Bug Fixes:
Version 0.9751 (June 29th, 2016)

Version 0.9750 (February 15th, 2016)
Bug Fixes:
Version 0.9749 (February 1st, 2016)
Bug Fixes:
Version 0.9748 (September 30th, 2015)
Bug Fixes:
Version 0.9747 (May 20th, 2015)
Bug Fixes:
Version 0.9745 (February 3rd, 2015, Windows versions changed on February 4th)
Bug Fixes:
Version 0.9744 (December 18th, 2014)

Version 0.9743 (October 16th, 2014)
Bug Fixes:
Version 0.9740 (August 12th, 2014)
Bug Fixes:
Version 0.9739 (July 31st, 2014)
Bug Fixes:
Version 0.9738 (June 13th, 2014)
Bug Fixes:
Version 0.9737 (May 21st, 2014)
Bug Fixes:
Version 0.9736 (May 20th, 2014)
Bug Fixes:
Version 0.9735 (January 20th, 2014)
Bug Fixes:
Version v0.9734 (December 19th, 2013)

Version v0.9733 (September 12th, 2013)

Bug Fixes:
Version v0.9732 (July 24th, 2013)
Bug Fixes:
Version v0.9731 (July 17th, 2013)
AU version only release. The UI now shows up in Logic Pro X but the palette will not work/show up until further notice

Version v0.9730 (April 24th, 2013)
Bug Fixes:
Version v0.9729 (April 23rd, 2013)
Bug Fixes:
Version v0.9728 (December 17th, 2012)
Bug Fixes:
Version v0.9727 (October 3rd, 2012)
--------------------------------------------------- Bug Fixes:

Version v0.9726 (August 28th, 2012)
Bug Fixes:
Version v0.9725 (August 24th, 2012)
--------------------------------------------------- Bug Fixes:
Version v0.9724 (April 18th, 2012)
Bug Fixes:
Version v0.9715 (2011)
Bug Fixes:
Version v0.9712 (June 9th, 2011)
- Crash can occur when loading older groups and layouts

Version v0.9711 (June 8th, 2011)
- Windows: major compiler and compiler options changes, if you experience anything you do not think you should please report, this
should also apply to OS X
- Added Matrix Sequencer, MIDI Matrix Sequencer
- Added MIDI CC Splitter
- Added MIDI CC Type Remapper
- Added MIDI Note Splitter
- Added Wavefolder
- Added Variables Multi and Indexed Variables Multi
- Added Frequency and Magnitude Value Display
- Added FIR Table
- Added Knob control type
- Added Vertical Slider control type
- Added Gate LED control type
- New look for LED control
- ADSR/AHDSR/Basic ADSR/Basic AHDSR : added parameter to force envelope to go back to 0 on a retrigger
- Group parameters: increased the allowed maximum number of columns
- Groups: added a parameter to set a group as the current one show in the patchbay
- MIDI Note Extractor: added use highest and use newest stealing modes
- MIDI Value Display: added user-friendly mode
- Monitoring: MIDI is now monitored on a per channel-basis
- OSC Creator/Creator2/Extractor : added more I/O configurations
- Windows: added support for having user-defined MME and DS duplex devices through the registry, see forum post on the subject

Bug Fixes:
- AU/VST version : some connections which shouldn't be lost are lost if a file is loaded into a different i/o config
- DSP/Polyphonic Adapters: processing mode is not saved/loaded correctly
- Groups: modified min and max of parameters could end up not being saved in a preset
- OS X 64bit version: dropping of bidule file not working
- OS X 64bit version: text not selected on rename dialogs
- OS X 64bit version: maximum number of opened files might be lower than expected
- OS X : multiple aliases to the ReWire device could be created
- OS X AU/VST version: fixed possible crash of the host depending on how the OS caches some strings
- OS X VST hosting: plug-in UI not showing up with the correct size
- OS X VST version: UI not showing up correctly in Reaper
- ReWire: on Windows, if the host attempts to launch Bidule, the 32-bit version is always the one launched
- Spectral Bin Delay/Graph/Graph Analyzer/Magnitude EQ: presets takes more memory/disk space than needed
- VST hosting: newer NI plug-ins were getting double keystrokes
- VST version: prevent crashing if the host sends effEditIdle before any effEditOpen
- VST version: better protection against hosts sending crap in VstTimeInfo
- Windows : some ASIO drivers could refuse to start

- Version v0.9710 (March 14th, 2011)
- Added MIDI Message Extractor
- Added MIDI Value Display
- Added 64 channels version of Audio Matrix, Audio Matrix Stereo and MIDI Matrix
- Discrete processing version: added Discrete Value Display
- GUI: generic UI can now have an horizontal scrollbar if needed
- MIDI Note Extractor: added Smooth amplitude changes parameter
- MIDI Switcher: added Close Notes on Output Change parameter
- OSC : added offline_set message
- Windows: speed improvement when adding a plug-in/bidule with a large amount of parameters

Bug Fixes:
- AU/VST hosting: added more possible memory error handling when restoring a plug-in saved data
- AU version: some sequences of buffer size changes could lead to distorted/no sound
- Audio Matrix, Audio Switcher, Output Selector: better performance in some conditions
- Audio File Player: position not always reflecting going back to 0 when the Home parameter is changed through parameter linking
- Audio File Player: monitoring was no longer working
- Discrete processing version: changed the default colour for discrete cables and connectors
- Discrete processing version: discrete param modulator does not apply the current value upon linking
- Discrete processing version: constant and variable do not resend their values once they have been disconnected
- Constant: FFT delay was wrong if FFT size was 4096
- Group Parameters: crash could occur when using the dialog
- OS X: the list of parameters for some HID devices had extra entries preventing them to work correctly
- OS X: filenames with some specific characters could not be saved to or loaded from
- OSC Client: if an OSC Server was added automatically from loading a .bidule file, the OSC Client GUI will not show it before a restart
- Oscillator: better cpu usage when receiving out of range values
- Palette: can be slow to build depending on groups/plug-ing installed
- Patchbay: if several bodies are overlapped, clicking cannot select a single one
- Patchbay: using reconnect a cable when the view has panning applied would make the cable start from the wrong place
- RPN/NRPN To Params: only works if receiving MSB then LSB for parameter number
- RPN/NRPN To Params: only works if receiving MSB then LSB for value
- SDK: terminal plug-ins made with the SDK would not get their audio inputs filled correctly
- VST hosting: more robust protection against unexpected ioChanged coming from a plug-in
- VST version: some sequences of buffer size changes could lead to distorted/no sound

Version v0.9709 (December 20th, 2010)
- Autosave: added preference to keep the setting between layouts/restarts
- CC Latch: added reset parameter
- Mediapool: added preference to round MIDI file length
- Offline: will now disable the audio device in the patchbay instead of requesting its removal
- VST: scrollbars will be added if the user interface cannot fit in the current resolution

Bug Fixes:
- Comment: using presets could lead to a crash
- Discrete: events could be lost and prevent correct processing
- Mediapool: any bidule using mediapool files could retain reference if
files were changed and there was no processing
- MP Assign: FFT/iFFT doesn't work if used with MP Assign
- VST: loading Vienna Ensemble could cause a crash

Version v0.9708 (November 15th, 2010)
Bug Fixes:
- AU: some Cocoa-based UI do not display

Version v0.9707 (November 10th, 2010)
- Added support for 12 cores
- OS X: 64-bit test version of the standalone now available
- ReWire: added preference to enable the 64bit standalone to communicate with the ReWire device
- VST: added support for plugins changing the number of inputs/outputs through audioMasterIOChanged

Bug Fixes:
- MIDI To Sync: fixed possible crash when loading an existing layout
- OS X: crash could possibly occur on certain edge cases of MIDI input
- OS X: crash can occur in host after last instance of AU/VST is removed
- OS X: crash could occur under some specific circumstances when plugging back a MIDI device
- Patchbay: connect-insert doesn't work with some signal types mismatch
- Polyphonic Adapter: parameter links are not kept when using the Polyphonic Adapter
- Sync Transport: uses more CPU when the UI is shown
+ many more fixes

Version v0.9705 (July 5th, 2010)
- Added LFSR (Linear Feedback Shift Register)
- Added Gate Clock
- Added Basic Audio File Player 2
- Added attempting to load an audio file using OS functions if libsndfile fails
(OS X: ExtAudioFile, Windows: Windows Media Format)
- Audio File Player: now behaves like audio and MIDI devices for MP Assign
- Added autosave mode

Bug Fixes:
- Groups: using spectral inputs/outputs could cause a crash
- Groups: using relative modulation with group parameters could result in the modulation being applied twice
- Group selected: some parameter links are not restored
- Magnitude EQ: parameters are not loaded correctly
- MIDI File Player: crash could possibly occur when using Follow Sync Source transport state
- MIDI Splitter: could crash when set to split by Note
- OSC : a crash could occur when removing a bidule from the layout and OSC Server is enabled
- Plugin and ReWire mode: MIDI output events could end up be out of sequence
- Plugin Mode: clearing the contents of Basic Audio Buffer and Multitap Delay doesn't work if the UI is not shown
- Presets: the current preset is not saved before it is changed to be read-only
- ReWire Mode: under some specific circumstances the tempo taken from the host is using a wrong value
- Windows: double-clicking on elements in both Lock Parameters and Exported Group Parameters dialog could cause a crash
when running the 32-bit version on Windows 7 64-bit
+ many more fixes

Version v0.9702 (March 15th, 2010)
Bug Fixes:
- Biquad filter clicking on some frequency changes
- Audio File Recorder not allowing to change the filename

Version v0.9701 (March 8th, 2010)
Bug Fixes:
- Arpeggiator : renamed the old group version to differentiate with the new built-in
- MIDI CC Creator (Multi) : not loading correctly from file
- Sync Transport : loop mode could give bad results upon hitting the cycle end position

Version v0.97 (March 2nd, 2010)
- Added parameter linking of all parameters when selecting a bidule in the source and target tree
of the Parameters window
- Added load and save of Map files to the MIDI and Sample Map UI
- Added Arpeggiator from chipsounds
- Added MIDI CC Creator (Multi) and CC Extractor (Multi)
- Added MIDI Comparison Filter
- Added MIDI Gate
- Added MIDI Basic Delay
- Added Variable (Int)
- Added multiple i/o configurations for Audio Dummy
- Added 176400 Hz sample rate
- Increased speed parameter range in MIDI Buffer, File Looper and Player
- Plugin mode : added possibility to have different FFT settings than standalone
- Value List: added parameter to save current position
- Windows x64 : added possibility to have a different VST folder for 64bit
Bug Fixes:
- Audio File Player: linking the home parameter through several players doesn't work
- Basic Audio Buffer 2: added option to save mono files
- Clock : meter changes do not correctly change the current musical time display
- Groups: plugins becoming syncable when processing do not change the syncable state of the parent group
- Multiple clicking not registering correctly on some buttons
- OS X : Resizable AU Cocoa views not working correctly
- Plugin mode: VSTs with no UI wouldn't work if the main window wasn't shown
- Plugin mode: menus not working in some hosts
- Presets: presets made with a bidule with an i/o configuration should be able to load into another i/o configuration if the parameters are the same
- Presets: attempting to create a copy of a read-only preset does not retain the changes made to the original preset
- Sync Creator: meters could be wrong when loaded from a file
- Sync Transport: changing meters could result in an incorrect start of bar
- Trigger: When synced it should only output values if the transport is playing
- Using Reorganize presets could make some presets disappear
- Windows x64: input and output selectors not working correctly
+ many more fixes

Version v0.9696 (November 9th, 2009)
- Fixed scrolling display issue with Step Sequencer Windows

Version v0.9695 (November 2nd, 2009)
- Added several OSC addresses to many bidules for things unrelated to parameters
- Added Variable (Integer)
- Audio File Looper/Basic Audio Buffer 2/Step Sequencer : added cursors for current positions
Bug Fixes:
- Fixed possible crash when disconnecting a bidule/closing a layout/closing the application
- ADSR/AHDSR : sustain could never truly be 0
- AU: fixed possible crash when .aupreset could not be parsed
- AU plugin: fixed display of UI sometimes not working correctly in some hosts under 10.6
- Audio File Looper/Basic Audio Buffer 2: relaxed zoomed out "x" limitation
- Crossfader/Fadercross: left input could slightly bleed into output when it's 100% right input
+ many more fixes

Version v0.9692 (September 23th, 2009)
- Added Clock
- Added stereo version of Audio Switchers
- Added stereo version of Audio Matrices
- Added stereo version of Input Selectors
- Added stereo version of Output Selectors
- Added large label control
- Monitoring : added tooltips to view the complete input/output name
- Sync Transport : added loop mode
- Sync Creator: added inputs to generate looping
- Sync Extractor : added outputs for looping information
- Organize Presets : added Toggle Read Only status button
- OSC : added options to assume input messages parameters are normalized [0, 1] and to send normalized values
- Value List 2 : Value with extra outputs for current index, number of entries and trigger for wraparound
Bug Fixes:
- Accum : does not take start value into account without doing a reset
- Align : Bidule with two bodies could end up with one body over the other
- AU : better handling of preset changes when aupreset files have mismatched filename and internal name
- Bidules with two bodies could have their position not saved correctly
- Group : using LED control with columns lead to strange UI look
- MIDI Buffer : fixed possible crash
- Organize Presets : it was possible to make presets "disappear" when selecting multiple presets to move
- OS X: fixed some cases where Reaktor menu sometimes would not appear
- Step Sequencer : fixed ancient bug that could cause bad event timing when looping

Version v0.9691 (August 24th, 2009)
- Offline mode can now support MP Assign
- Send To OSC Servers context menu : when applied on a group, all bidules inside the group will also be set to send to the selected OSC server
- Added Reorganize Presets
Bug Fixes:
- AU : if an AU changes its list of parameters, the original list could still be seen in the Parameter window
- AU : some multi buses plugins would show extraneous i/o
- AU : Cocoa UI not hiding
- CombFilter 2 : not working correctly when using a delay of 0 samples
- MIDI File Recorder : pitchbend events could be recorded incorrectly
- MP Assign : many little adjustments made that should fix some non-working cases
- MP Assign : MP Assigning inside a group could lead to more CPU usage than it should
- OS X plugin mode : presets menu sometimes becoming non-responsive
- ReWire device : Bidule not able to start correctly in ReWire mode with Sonar under Vista
- VST plugin : multi output not showing correctly in Sonar
- Windows : windows for plugins and bidules could have their position slightly offset upon loading

Version v0.9690 (July 6th, 2009)
- Most pop-up messages will now auto-dismiss after 5 seconds
Bug Fixes:
- AU plugin : fixed possible crash that could occur on key down/up after several closing+opening of the AU window
- AU+VST plugin : fixed possible crash on wake from sleep if the plugin was not initialized completely but still loaded in RAM
- VST plugin OS X : fixed crash that could occur on 10.5 on drag and drop when running as a plugin and having multiple monitors
- Added warning to the user if saving to file fails because of too many opened files.

Version v0.9688 (June 10th, 2009)
Bug Fixes:
- Audio Stats : values not exported correctly to the group level
- DSP/Poly adapter : parameters window missing parameters after using undo/redo
- Groups : names starting with an ampersand are not displayed correctly in menus
- Undo : undo of adding a bidule does not always release memory
- Matrix : clicking on cells when scrolled could lead to strange results
- Matrix : scrolling causing display issues on Windows
- MP Assign : better support of MIDI devices shared between MP assigned branches
- ReWire mode : tentative fix for crash on closing the device when displaying MIDI ports in PT because it doesn't explicitely remove them
(this needs a manual config/registry change)

OS X : open a Terminal window and paste this:
defaults write com.plogue.bidule ReWireDevice.PTFix -int 1
then press enter

Windows: under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\PlogueBidule add a DWORD value named
set its value to 1

- Spectral Graph: 4 channels version could crash depending on the FFT Window Size setting
- VST plugin : crash could occur on a mono track when there's no default VST layout
- VST/AU plugin/ReWire mode : having the Never Substitute Devices option enabled could lead to layouts not loading correctly
- Windows : added possibility to blacklist ASIO devices in a text file

Version v0.9687 (May 25th, 2009)
- Added number of columns field in the Group Parameters window
- Added display path field in the Group Properties window

Bug Fixes:
AU Plugin: some MIDI events could be lost in some hosts
Context Menu: MP Assign submenu can disappear after using the context menu on a group of objects
Devices: loading a .bidule made with another audio/MIDI device changes the display name of the current device
Graphical Envelope : fixed possible infinite loop
Groups : crash could occur if reordering group parameters when there is a group parameter linked to
another group parameter
Groups : crash could occur when deleting a group under some specific combination of sync source/sync to and groups
MIDI : fix possible issue where multiple events occuring on the same sample tick could become out of order
Monitoring: crash could occur when using replace with the monitoring window visible
OSC Extractor : Depending on the address pattern and other Extractors, changing the address could lead to messages
not being processed anymore
OSC Monitor : Unresponsiveness can occur after a large number of messages
OSC : hanging can occur if cut+pasting OSC sending bidules while sending OSC messages
OS X : saved renamed virtual MIDI ports are not renamed upon loading back the file
Relative Parameter Modulator used as group parameters could lead to strange issues
VST plugin OS X: added code to prevent crash when opening the UI in Resolume Avenue
VST plugin : Live 8 configure parameters now work

Version v0.9686 (March 26th, 2009)
Bug Fixes:
DSP Adapter: subgroups not working with DSP Adapter
DSP Adapter: some bidules being allowed to be used with DSP Adapter but output nothing
ReWire Devices Config: not saving the correct number of audio channels

Version v0.9685 (March 16th, 2009)
- Added DSP Adapter feature to wrap groups to run a limited set of
bidules at a buffer size of 1 samples (more bidules to be supported, other
buffer sizes and sample rates support to come)
- Added OSC Monitor to show all incoming/outgoing OSC Messages
- Optimized handling of presets to reduce memory usage and fix a few bugs

- Added MIDI Message Creator
- Added MIDI Note Off Velocity Remapper
- Expanded MP Assign to use up to 8 cores
+ many more little improvements

Bug Fixes:
- AU Version : sample rate change could be missed
- Integer parameter display not always being accurate
- Message Remapper : remapping pitchbend doesn't work
- OSC : using the /open command on a file loading audio files in the Mediapool or using the
polyphonic adapter crashes
- Polyphonic Adapter: doesn't transmit some MIDI messages to active voices
- Possible crash if a VST could not properly initialize itself
- ReWire Device : added protection against out of range MIDI events timestamp
- Value List : could load up with incorrect values
- VST Hosting : some MIDI events coming out of plugins could be missed/skipped
+ many more fixes

Version v0.9675 (November 3rd, 2008)
- Basic Audio Buffer 2 bidule with selectable loop points
- Waveviewer bidule to view the signal waveform
- Parameter Modulator (abs) trigger version

- Audio File Output : Added W64
- Comb Filter 2 : now uses hermite interpolation
- Main window : added Find bidule by name
- Main window : added scan new plugins only menu entry
- MIDI To Sync : overriden tempo is now saved within the layout
- MIDI To Sync : added round tempo parameter
- VST/AU plugins : added user-specified tail time
+ many more little improvements

Bug Fixes:
- Crossover filter : 5th order minimun frequency being enforced incorrectly
- Import/drop of .bidule files don't show all parameters in the parameters window
- MIDI : 7bit CC could be used for feedback when 14bit should have been used
- MIDI Devices : renaming Bidule virtual MIDI ports could lead to an endless loop of renaming
- Monitor : changing the I/O of a group while monitoring could cause a crash
- Multitap Delay : taking more CPU than it used to
- Multitap Delay/Basic Audio Buffer : buffer allocation could possibly occur in realtime thread
- OS X : backspace key not working as shortcut to delete parameter links
- OS X : using cmd-w shortcut to close an AU plugin window could lead to a crash
- OS X : VST version could make Live menu dissapear
- OS X : VST version could crash when deleting it from the host
- Parameters window: deleting links with the delete key sometimes doesn't remove the link
+ many more fixes

Version v0.9656 (July 14nd, 2008)
- Crash bug fix on startup under some platforms

Version v0.9655 (July 2nd, 2008)
- Comb Filter 2 bidule
- MIDI Matrix : added option to automatically close opened notes when turning off a connection
- Generic UI for VSTs now always show the string value of the parameter
- Added a parameter to all MIDI Creators to disable the detection of value changes and only use triggers
+ many more little improvements

Bug Fixes:
- An incorrect MIDI device could be selected at load time to replace a valid one
- Constant: Number of media files constants could have the wrong value in certain cases
- MIDI File Player : could cause glitches in playback
- MIDI File Player : loop mode could skip tempo changes at the loop boundary
- OS X : AU Cocoa UI not showing up correctly on 10.5
- OS X : VST version could cause a crash when closing the UI
- Palette Search : Searching skips children if the parent matches the query
- Patchbay : Name used in the context menu differs from the name used in the Palette
- Patchbay : Body seem selected but is not
- Presets : Attempting to load a presets file would always clear the current presets even the file was not for that bidule
- Spectral Graph bidules: could crash when changing preset
- VST hosting : some MIDI events coming from a plugin could be lost when a large number of them were sent
- VST plugin : getSpeakerArrangement implementation could cause error in some hosts
+ many more fixes

Version v0.9650 (February 28th, 2008)
- Audio File Recorder: added option to record to multiple stereo files
- CC Latch bidule
- Group Manager: now allows multiple selection for download/delete of groups
- HID Extractor: on loading a file, now tries to at least match the device type if the device isn't present
- MIDI Device: rename devices
- Note Latch bidule
- OS X: Cmd-W can now be used to close bidule/plugin windows
- OS X: virtual MIDI ports created by Bidule can be renamed
- OS X: added support for MIDI devices renaming callback
- SDK: added opcode to rename I/Os
- VST: will show I/O configurations for plugins supporting speaker arrangements (VST rescan needed)
- Windows: some MME/DS drivers should show now show up with multiple channels instead of only stereo
+ many more little improvements

Bug Fixes:
- Audio File Player UI slider not directly going back to start on Home
- Dropping bgrp files in the patchbay should add the group, not import its contents in the current layout
- Group/layout(manual) save in plugin mode not saving parameter links
- Group: reducing the number of outputs could lead to a crash if there were passthrough connections
- Keyswitch bidule corrupts some MIDI messages
- Linked Audio File Player Play parameter could prevent "synced" files to finish playing correctly
- MIDI file player doesn't close notes when seeking
- MIDI file recorder when synced starts a bar too late
- MIDI voice counter sometimes doesn't reset to 0 although there are no voices currently opened
- Mouse moves sometimes causes unintended selection move
- Offline mode freezing single-core/cpu machines running Leopard
- OSC Creator: doesn't allow to send messages without arguments
- OSC Extrator: messages are lost if multiple messages are sent to the same address between two audio callbacks
- OSC Extractor/MIDI: don't work if OSC Server is started after adding either to the layout
- OS X : accentuated chars in bidule/group/connector names aren't saved correctly
- OS X : some media files refusing to load based on some characters in their paths and/or names
- Plugin version: sound becomes distorted in some variable buffer size cases
- Polyphonic Adapter: reducing the number of voices could lead to a crash
- ReWire device not working with Cubase 4.1
- Sync Transport not working correctly with Sync To MIDI Clock on pause/restart
- VST version: not working with Sound Forge and Wavelab
+ many more fixes

Version v0.96 (October 25th, 2007)
- Added possibility to use read-only preset vs. dynamic snaphots in bidules/groups
- AU : added support for AUs with MIDI output and MIDI output in Bidule AUs
- MIDI Note On To Value List bidule
- MIDI RPN To Params bidule
- MIDI NRPN To Params bidule
- OSC Creator 2 bidule
- Spectral EQ bidule
- Spectral Analyzer bidule

- Audio File Player/Recorder : can now read/write FLAC
- Crossfader : added selection of fade type
- Matrixes : added renaming of I/Os
- Matrixes : added 16 and 32 I/Os versions
- MIDI File Player : now uses the Mediapool
- OS X : MIDI devices in patchbay now currently change their state when a device is disconnected/reconnected
- OSC : added possibility to have multiple OSC Creator using the same address
- Patchbay : added dropping of .bidule and .bgrp files
- Parameter Pool GUI : added possibility to select multiple targets at once
- Parameter Pool GUI : added replace source/target buttons
- Spectral Bin Delay, Graph : now use logarithmic display
- Spectral Graph : can now use PVOC files from the Mediapool
+ many more little improvements

Bug Fixes:
- AU : scope part parameters aren't available
- Bidule AU : added proper support for multiple outputs in Logic 8
- OS X : return/enter/copy/paste can't be used in Comment
+ many more fixes

Version v0.95 (July 13th, 2007)

- Added preliminary support for multicore processing
- CC Value Remapper bidule
- Note Velocity Remapper bidule

- Groups are now kept in user-space
- Mixing bidules : Better parameter change smoothing
- Audio/MIDI Switchers : added 32, 64 and 128 outputs versions
- MIDI CC Creator and Extractor : Added 14bit option
- Unit Converter : Added MIDI 14bit to Normalized and Normalized to MIDI 14bit options
+ many more little improvements

Bug Fixes:
- Aligning bidules misbehaves if bidules have 2 bodies in patchbay
- LED : release time is too long
- No dialog showing up when a bidule can't be added to the layout
- Removing a bidule with no output from a layout could cause a crash
- ReWire: an extra initialization of Bidule could occur upon loading
- Trying to load a large audio file in the mediapool could cause a crash
- VST: parameter values aren't updated correctly upon loading for some plugins
- VST: crashes could occur if a plugin refused to initialize correctly
- Windows: DI8 Device type not shown in HID Extractor
+ many more fixes

Version v0.94 (March 13th, 2007)
- Added easy dis/connect when holding the Alt key
- OSC Creator : added force int values parameter
- ReWire device : now configurable with up to 96 audio outputs
- Added drag and drop of media files in the patchbay and on Mediapool-using bidules
- Level Meter bidule
- MIDI Monitor 2 bidule
+ many more little improvements

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed some memory leaks
- OSC Creator : not accepting addresses with multiple slashes
- OS X : MIDI device added notification sometimes not handled
- OS X plugin : not drawing correctly in non-compositing windows
- Plugin : crash when switching to a layout with no plugin device
- Plugin : MIDI devices not being seen in some cases
- SDK : mediapool param wasn't updated on add/remove files
- SDK : not showing their parameters in the OSC address space
- Spectral Bin Delay : doesn't sound correct when all bins are equally delayed
- Sync To MIDI : could output bad MIDI Clock messages
- VST : MIDI Clock output from plugin doesn't work
- Windows : log files not being written in some cases on Vista
+ many more fixes

Version v0.93 (November 13th, 2006)
- Added Open UI parameter to all internal bidules and plugins
- Optimized internal processing of many internal bidules
- Added possibility to change a parameter UI control type in groups
- Added label and LED to group parameter UI controls
- Audio Stats bidule
- OS X (UB version) : handling of AU and VST plugins UI completely redone
- OS X : added larger buffer sizes for DSP processing
- OS X : added reduce MIDI jitter option in the preferences
- OS X VST : multimaker (to have multiple I/O VSTs) now available
- AU : added sidechain effect version
- MIDI Splitter : added split by note
+ many more little improvements

Bug Fixes:
- Couldn't read some AIFF files
- OS X : Cocoa UIs sometime creating crashes when closing
- Plugin : crash could occur when closing plugin with linked Plugin Device parameters
- VST : latency returning to 0 wasn't noticed
- VST : not setting itself to the host sample rate in some cases
- Windows : OpenGL hardware acceleration now off by default, you can enable it in
the preferences
+ many more fixes

Version v0.92 (June 21th, 2006)
- New disk streaming code with
sample accurate loop mode
players now play what they can when there's a channel mismatch betwen the player and the file
files with a different sampling rate than Bidule aren't pitch down or up

- ReWire mixer support on MacIntel
- Added possibility to turn off fading windows per bidule when switching between processing modes
- Added 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 30 file players and recorders
- OS X: ReWire temporary files are now created in a Bidule owned folder
- SDK: added support for plugs with no output

Bug Fixes:
- Saved MIDI files are sometime corrupted
- Monitoring not working on terminal groups
- SDK: plugins can't receive the sync information
- SDK: getParameterChoices isn't called with the parameter id
- OS X: AUAudioFilePlayer can't open its UI twice
- VST Plugin: not setting itself to the host sample rate in some cases
- many more fixes

Version 0.9102 (March 2nd, 2006)
- Added 8192 and 16384 FFT Window size as well as 16 overlaps
- Fixed ReWire device version of Bidule to work correctly on MacIntel

New Modules:
- MIDI Misc Sysex Filter
Bug fixes:
- Lemur OSC messages having no effect in Bidule
- VST hosting: plugins requesting tempo once their UI is up don't show the Sync to control
- Group UI using CC and Note Remappers parameters are very slow to show up
- Note Transposer : sending a C0 Note Off when receiving a Note Off for a note without having first received a Note On for that note
- several other minor fixes

Version v0.91 (February 9th, 2006)
- Universal Binary version for OS X
- x64 version
- VST 2.4 support (both as a host and as a plugin)
- There's now a Bidule SDK
- Added context menu to all sliders

New Modules:
- Surround ITU Mixers
- Continuous Surround Panner

- Audio Matrix : added optional fading
- Audio Switcher : added optional fading
- Biquad Filter : added extra input for dB value for peaking band, low and hi shelf
- FFT/iFFT : added higher quality preference
- Group Manager : added button to set a custom catalog URL
- MIDI Buffers/Recorder : added takes mode
- MIDI Recorder : added add to Mediapool parameter
- Monitoring : can now open multiple windows
- Plugins/ReWire device : relaxed sync information validation when looping is on (bad in/out point or a position outside the loop points will result in disabling looping)
- VST : finally(!) added load/save of fxp

Bug Fixes:
- Application : if old VST mode is activated, there's no way to reset it
- Audio Files : bad embedded loop information could lead to weird behaviors/crashes
- Audio File Recorder : multiple mono files option is not remembered when loading
- Envelope : moving points doesn't work
- Mediapool : sometimes flags files as being used when they aren't
- Multi Channel/Channel Pressure Remapper : display is 0-based instead of 1-based
- OS X : help doesn't show in Help Viewer for some persons
- OS X : crash at startup on some 10.2.8 systems
- OS X : closing a VST window could crash
- OS X : changed AU cache format to prevent possible clash between plugins
- OS X plugins : fixed mouse handling workaround needed for Live and Tracktion to only be enabled in those hosts
- OS X VST plugin: UI doesn't work in Renoise
- Particle Arpeggiator : closing its UI could lead to a crash
- Plugins OS X : doesn't display correctly with a composite window
- Plugins : the Plugin Device always use the name saved in a .bidule file, leading to confusion when using files made with the standalone version
- Plugins : MIDI data could be lost when Bidule/host buffer size didn't match
- Polyphonic adapter : random/mutate gives different results on each voice
- VST : channel names aren't always shown
- Windows VST plugin : Envelope/Looper extra windows can't be reopened
- Windows : using Control From MIDI could crash
+ many other fixes

Version v0.9 (October 19th, 2005)
- Bidule can now run as a VST/AU plug-in (available only to registered users)
- Audio monitoring of inputs/outputs of a bidule (new context menu entry)
- New Spanish translation (many thanks to BiCho)

New Modules:
- Key Sender
- MIDI Aftertouch Value Filter
- MIDI CC Value Filter
- MIDI Channel Pressure Value Filter
- MIDI Note Closer
- MIDI Note Velocity Filter
- MIDI Pitchbend Value Filter

- Basic Audio Buffer : added Clear Contents trigger input
- Constant : added loaded files in Mediapool choices
- Mixer : you can double-click on the Volume label to change the channel strip label
- OS X : you can drop supported audio/MIDI files on the dock icon to add them to the Mediapool
- OSC MIDI : detune parameter is now optional
- Unit Converter : added MIDI 7bit to/from [0,1] normalized

Bug Fixes:
- Application : group selected objects could crash
- Application : for some dialogs escape/enter don't act as cancel/ok
- Audio File Output : append mode doesn't work
- Buffers/Freeze : save parameter is not available for linking/groups
- Copy/Paste : copy/paste could crash on dual core/processor machines
- Dialogs : some dialogs aren't working with the Enter/Escape keys
- Envelope : not using correct values after loading if presets were used
- Envelope/Map : adding presets could lose the current preset values
- Envelope/Map : adding a copy of the current preset didn't copy the value
- FFT : some buffer size/FFT size/FFT overlap settings could sound "weird"
- Groups : possible crash when trying to save/cut/copy/etc.. depending on contained parameter linking
- Groups : loading brps file for a bidule with their preset parameter exported to the group doesn't list presets correctly
- MIDI Buffer (Synced) : can't save MIDI file
- MIDI Program Change To Param : didn't work as expected
- Mixer : solo/mute need 0 to be turned off through parameter linking
- OSC MIDI : doesn't work depending on how its connected
- OS X : 192kHz sample rate didn't work
- Presets : saving a large number of presets is slow
- Pulse Generator : crashes with 0 harmonics
- Pulse Generator : weird output with less than 1 harmonics
- Spectral Freeze : filename disappear when using presets
- Sync Transport : stops after a 1000 bar
- Trigger : rename "Play Signal" to the more accurate "Start of processing"
- VST OS X : floating frames option doesn't work with cmd-tab
- VST Windows : vst still losing focus in some cases
- Windows : crash when trying to load an nonsupported audio file in the audio file player
- Windows : crash could happen when renaming an Envelope

Version v0.8501 (July 7th, 2005)
- Graphical Envelope : added set position dialog when double-clicking on a point
- MIDI Note Transposer : changed velocity offset behavior to use maximum velocity instead
of skipping note when resulting velocity is higher than maximum

Bug Fixes:
- AU : Cocoa UIs don't work with Floating Frames option
- AU : Cocoa UIs disappearing when clicking on some toolbar button
- Graphical Envelope : can't delete point if scrollbar is used
- Graphical Envelope : possible crash after reaching 100 points on Windows
- Graphical Envelope : display doesn't update correctly when changing presets
- Input/Output Selector : confusion between processing mode and interpolation mode parameter names
- Replace : replacing a duplex audio device with a direct connection by another
duplex device causes a crash
- VST Windows : focus on the VST panel can be lost depending on some other UI operations

Version v0.85 (June 24th, 2005)
- OSC Client implementation (Bidule can now send OSC messages)

New Modules:
- AHDSR Envelope
- Basic AHDSR Envelope
- Graphical Envelope
- Graphical Envelope (Synced)
- MIDI File Recorder
- MIDI Map
- OSC Creator
- OSC Extractor
- Sample Map
- Sanitizer
- Smoother

- Application : default files are now saved in user space instead of application space
- Audio Monitor : better management of min/max values
- Audio Monitor : min/max are reset when disconnecting
- AU : added support for multiple busses
- HID Data Extractor : added renaming of parameters when changing device
- HID Data Extractor : added act as trigger parameter so that keys/buttons can be linked to buttons
- Input/Output Selector : added Mode parameter to select between Pan and Linear Interpolation
- MIDI Buffers : added save to file
- MIDI Message Remapper : added Program Change to Note
- MIDI Monitor : added Clear Buffer button
- MIDI Note Transpose : added velocity transpose parameter
- Mixer : now allows multiple solos
- Mixer : added interpolation for Pan values
- OS X : better MIDI clock input
- OS X : better timing on MIDI output
- OS X : help now appears in Help Viewer
- Unary Operator : added Truncate operation
- VST OS X : added supported for plug-ins requiring compositing window

Bug Fixes:
- Application : loading files with Mediapool references on a different platform doesn't truncate the
filename to search correctly
- AU : parameter list change notification takes time to process
- Groups : syncable status not being updated correctly
- Groups : parameter linking from a group parameter to another parameter inside the group isn't saved
- Groups : doesn't remember the i/o labels when changing the i/o config or using the polyphonic adapter
- MIDI Feedback : some parameters not sending the correct value back
- MIDI File Looper : doesn't send currently opened notes Note off messages when stopping
- MIDI To Sync : sometimes outputs wrong info
- Monitors : freeze after a certain time on OS X when not using an audio device/not in VST or ReWire mode
- Oscillator : normalized amplitude of bandlimited waveforms
- Palette : history isn't always updated
- Patchbay : sometimes doesn't refresh immediately
- Parameter Modulator (abs) : presets aren't displaying their values correctly
- Presets : some values aren't save correctly
- Presets : can't be saved for some groups
- Trigger : possible crash when using it synced
+ many more fixes

Version v0.8002 (May 2nd, 2005)

- Prefs : added preference for the number of virtual MIDI ports

Bug Fixes:
- AU : problems when loading files containing Kontakt instances
- AU : crash with AUNetReceive/Send UIs
- AU : gain parameters don't change their value correctly with parameter linking
- Windows : changing DSP settings could cause a crash

Version v0.8001 (April 21th, 2005)
- Mixer : added peak meters and clip indicators

- Audio File Recorder : added option to save to multiple mono files
- Crossfader,Pan and Mixer : added interpolation to some parameter changes.
- Loading : faster loading of bigger files
- MIDI Switcher : added sending of Note Off for opened notes when changing the active output
- Parameters : better precision for some parameters
- VST : faster refresh rate

Bug Fixes:
- AU : parameters don't save min/max/mutation factor/locked status
- AU : going back to User preset doesn't always display the correct values
- Audio File Looper : resetting the loop points at start and end of file doesn't
always recalculate the correct number of beats
- Audio File Looper : stuttering data instead of silence on some stereo files.
- Audio Switcher : an output could possibly not be reset correctly when changing the active one
- Basic Audio File Player : doesn't unreference the audio file when going back to None
- Buffer Granulator : could crash on some settings
- Context menu : syncing multiple bidules to one source doesn't work
- Delete : could crash in some special cases when OSC server is enabled
- Groups : sometimes doesn't save the group display name correctly
- Groups : exported amplitude parameters with a user-set min and max don't always work correctly
- HID (OS X) : devices won't work when waking from sleep
- HID : now supporting POV/hat switches.
- Mediapool : loading files with the same name could lead to weird events
- Mediapool : loading of some raw audio files could cause a crash
- Mediapool : sometimes refuses to load existing/working audio files
- Mediapool : could not load some MIDI files
- MIDI Buffer : 0 length shouldn't be available
- MIDI File Looper : outputs incorrect syncing
- Replace : could crash on dual proc machines
- ReWire : devices go back to the beginning of their timeline when switching processing on/off
- Spectral Freeze : could crash when saving a file
- Spectral Inverter : could crash on some settings
- Sync Transport : sometimes outputs wrong syncing info
- Trigger Clock : doesn't reset itself correctly when making it inactive
- VST : previous parameter value is shown in the status bar of generic ui
- VST OS X : problems when loading files containing Kontakt instances

Version v0.8 (March 9th, 2005)
- You can now use your USB joysticks, mouse, keyboard and other HID
devices as MIDI controllers and parameter sources: see Misc/HID Data Extractor
(DX9 on Windows is HIGHLY suggested, DX8 is however the minimum
no extras are needed on Mac OS X)
- Mediapool now shows more AudioFile details, including bpm, bars, beats
and includes whole new tabs for MIDI and PVOC files!
- New and improved Audio File Looper with graphical loop points editing,
variable number of beats/bars, meter adaption and time stretching
(old looper has been renamed to Boboche Looper)

New Modules:
- 12, 14, 16, 24 and 32 channels Audio File Player
- 12, 14, 16, 24 and 32 channels Audio File Recorder
- Mono Dither (just duplicate by hand for the number of channels you want)
- HID Data Extractor
- MIDI Activity
- MIDI Aftertouch Creator
- MIDI Aftertouch Extractor
- MIDI Aftertouch Filter
- MIDI Multi Aftertouch Remapper
- MIDI Aftertouch Transposer
- MIDI Channel Pressure Creator
- MIDI Channel Pressure Extractor
- MIDI Channel Pressure Filter
- MIDI Multi Channel Pressure Remapper
- MIDI CC Transposer
- MIDI File Looper
- MIDI Message Remapper
- MIDI Note Extractor 2
- MIDI Pitchbend Creator
- MIDI Pitchbend Extractor
- MIDI Multi Program Change Remapper
- MIDI Program Change Filter
- MIDI Program Change Transposer
- MIDI Stack
- MIDI Switcher 2 ports
- Sync to MIDI Clock
- MIDI Time Delta
- MIDI Voice Counter
- 4 and 16 mono channels Mixer
- 4, 8 and 16 stereo channels Mixer
- Parameter Modulator (Relative)
- Pulse
- Spectral File Looper
- Spectral Inverter
- Spectral Sustain
- Stack
- Sync Transport

- Accum : changed the higher bounds input to be exclusive, please change your layouts accordingly
- AU : added support for Cocoa UIs
- Audio File Player : added loop mode
- Audio File Recorder/Audio Buffer: added option to save in either wave or
aiff instead of forcing the platform's preferred format
- Basic Audio Buffer: added Interpolation parameter
- Basic Audio Buffer: added distinct Record position input, please change your layouts accordingly
- FFT/iFFT/PVOC : Improved Frequency detection.
- Indexed Value List: changed Index input to be 0-based for consistency, please change your layouts accordingly
- Mediapool : added extra info on audio file
- MIDI Monitor : add events one by one in the window instead of by block
- Noise : added HP Tri noise type
- Parameter Properties Dialog : added display of increment value
- Patchbay : Paste from the context menu now pastes at the mouse position
- Spectral Freeze : can now save to file
- VST Bridge : added MIDI output to the host
- VST Bridge : added OS X version
- Windows : you can now have multiple versions of Bidule installed

Bug Fixes:
- Application : possible crash if groups cache file is corrupted
- Application : import causing crashes with some layouts
- Application : some undo operations could fail depending on your regional options
- AU : some AUs crashing when starting processing
- AU : some AUs windows not resizing properly
- AU : scanning fails on MusicDevices with a flexible configuration
- Audio File Granulator : crashes upon certain settings
- Buffer Granulator : crashes upon certain settings
- Groups : parameters exported to group sometimes don't update their enable/disable status correctly
- Groups : re-saving a group with a displayPath doesn't change the displayPath
- MIDI File Player : some files not looping correctly
- MIDI Step Sequencer: settings saved on one platform might not work on the other
- OS X : main window title bar could appear under the menu bar
- OS X MIDI Ouput: some MIDI events aren't sent properly for some interfaces
- OS X VST : keys aren't received by some plug-ins
- Presets : some bidules have parameters that reset to 0 when using presets
- ReWire : looping sections inside a ReWire device sometimes causes weird results
- Patchbay : current zoom isn't taking into account when adding bidules through drag and drop
- Spectral To MIDI : the threshold parameter doesn't have any effect
- Trigger : the send trigger parameter doesn't behave properly through parameter linking
- Windows : failure to open a MIDI port isn't reported

Version v0.7003 (January 14th, 2005)
- Windows : added preference to force ASIO driver buffer size to Bidule's size

Bug Fixes:
- ASIO : lots of little fixes
- AU : crash with some plug-ins using CurrentPreset when changing presets
- Basic Audio Buffer : Number of samples isn't set correctly for some buffer sizes
- Better handling of failure of starting audio processing
- Audio/MIDI Matrix : crash when clicking outside the grid
- MIDI File Player : stuck notes when stopping playback
- OS X : Main window shows up with the titlebar under the menu bar
- OS X : crashes on startup with some Digidesign card/driver combination
- Presets : possible loading problem when files are shared between locales
- ParameterPool : having a default presets file prevent parameters to show up correctly

Version v0.7002 (January 5th, 2005)
- AU : can now save any presets not just the User preset
- Faster application shutdown
- Group Config Dialog : changed max number of ins/outs to 128
- Polyphony Config Dialog : changed max number of voices to 128
- Windows : ASIO devices now reporting channel names as other bidules

Bug Fixes:
- AU : doesn't load the correct values if the plug-in has no factory presets and only file presets
- Audio Monitor : sometimes stop working when changing buffer size/sample rate
- Groups : re-saving groups doesn't keep the display path
- Learn mode : crash if in learn mode and the MIDI device is deleted
- OS X : crashes on startup with some Digidesign card/driver combination
- Undo/Redo not always keeping the correct links for Group Selection
- VST Scanning : sometimes always try to re-scan the same bad plug-in at startup
- VST : crashes when loading a fxb on a plug-in with no preset
- VST : some plug-ins not saving correctly
- VST OS X : glitches in drawing with some plug-ins
- VST OS X : crash on deleting some plug-ins

Version v0.7001 (November 29th, 2004)
- MIDI Buffer : added speed parameter
- Palette : shown/not shown state is now remembered
- Step Sequencer: only clicking is needed to delete notes (instead of clicking+move)

Bug Fixes:
- Cable detection not working correctly with short curved lines that are straight
- Constant/Counter/Clip : can't set parameter when using it as a group parameter
- Main Window : shrinks to a tiny window when loading some files
- Main Window : using the key shortcut for processing doesn't change the button
- Preferences : changing AU/VST sorting by company names takes a long time
- Tools : some tool windows not remembering their size and position

Revision History:

Version v0.7 (November 23th, 2004)
- You can now register Bidule to avoid expiration date ( and feed us :)
- New default look
- Skin support
- More intuitive MIDI Learn mode for all bidules/plugins
- MIDI Feedback support (send values back to controller)
- Support for 7-bits Relatives and 14-bits Absolute MIDI CC
- Processing mode now in the window for each bidule/plugin
- Sync To option now in the window for each bidule/plugin
- Bidule is now an OSC server (all parameters are accessible)
- AudioUnits now lists all the installed presets for a plugin
- AudioUnits/VSTs now have an extra output reporting their latency (if any)
(so you can do your own latency compensation when you need it)
- Internationalization so you have Bidule in your native language (french is done)
- Cables can now be straight lines or curves
- Scan Groups and Scan Plugins are now separate
- Palette: You can double click on a entry to use it
- Palette: new "Find Next" and "Use Next" search/use utils

New Modules:
- MIDI Buffer
- MIDI Synced Buffer
- MIDI Delay
- MIDI Synced Delay
- MIDI Dummy
- MIDI Multi Channel Remapper
- MIDI Multi CC Remapper
- MIDI Multi Note Remapper

- Audio/MIDI File Player : can now use presets
- AU : now shows Clump name in Parameter Pool
- AU : support for updated channel config specs when scanning
- AU/VST : doesn't show unnamed parameters in the Parameter Pool
- Clip/Constant/Counter/Variable : lowered min possible value, raised max possible value
- FIR : now takes a list of coefficients so you can create your own
- FFT/iFFT : faster AltiVec implementation
- FFT/iFFT : SSE implementation
- Audio/Freq/Mag Logic Gate : AltiVec implementation
- MediaPool : can now be sorted by columns
- MIDI Filters : added select all, unselect all, reverse selection, set range buttons
- MIDI Filters : added second output for rejected MIDI events
- MIDI Note Transpose : optional wraparound behavior
- MIDI CC Source/Input : can now optionally use all channels
- Mixer : AltiVec/SSE implementation
- New About dialog
- OS X : Better update rate of bidules/plugins UIs
- OS X : Support for MIDI setup changes notification (adding/removing MIDI ports)
- Palette : double-clicking on an entry adds it to the patchbay
- Parameter Pool : now shows bidules in alphabetical order
- Patchbay : Added Re-Init in each bidule context menu
- Patchbay : Size and position of the window is now saved+loaded
- Patchbay : Type of bidule is shown in the statusbar when going over it with the mouse
- Patchbay : Radar now working as expected
- Replace : now keeps parameter linking informations when replacing a MIDI input by another
- Sync Creator : added offset input
- Unary Operator : AltiVec implementation
- Windows : Optional dithering of output to sound card
- Windows : Mixing is done in SSE when there's multiple connections
- New Ctrl/Command - D shortcut for copy+paste in one step
- Original bidule type is shown in the statusbar if the bidule was renamed
- groups can now be rescanned separately from plug-ins

Bug Fixes:
- Sometimes duplicate connections are created
- Audio/MIDI devices : only 1 entry show up when multiple devices with the same name
- Accum : loop mode wraps to start value + 1
- AU : dynamically added parameters don't show in the Parameter Pool
- Audio File/Buffer Granulator: sometimes crashes when loading at a different sampling rate than it was saved
- Default layout : some plugins state aren't loaded correctly
- Groups : parameters are renamed even if cancel is hit
- MIDI File Player : always in loop mode
- OS X : files with accentuated characters can't be loaded
- OS X : double-clicking on a .bidule file doesn't always open it in Bidule
- OS X : windows saved on second monitor show up on first monitor on loading
- OS X : renaming a preset doesn't reflect immediately in dropdown
- OS X : AU plugins now list all .aupreset files as available presets
- ReWire device : doesn't default to stereo channels but the dialog does
- Windows : Workaround for MIDI Yoke changing application priority
- Reaktor now doesn't process if it's not connected

Version v0.6602 (June 7th, 2004)

New Modules:
- MIDI Program Change Extractor
- MIDI Program Change Creator
- MIDI Channel Extractor
- MIDI Basic Channel Remapper

- Expiration date now in the splash screen

Bug Fixes:
- AU : sometimes crashes when trying to load a preset
- AU : dialog about found AUs showing even it there's 0 new AUs
- AU : some AUs always scanned as new at Bidule startup
- Groups : re-worked arpegiator, cc inverter, cc lin to log to keep MIDI channel
- ReWire device : now actively waits with dialog for the ReWire
host application instead of popping up a message that it failed to
- OS X : possible crash when scanning VST plug-ins
- OS X : less UI freezes/hangs on 10.2.x (but still there)
- Parameters in dB can't be set a min/max
- Saved groups aren't renamed after their filenames
- Step Sequencer: doesn't start/stop when synced
- Step Sequencer: several step seq playlist problems
- Step Sequencer: stuck notes with step seq when stopping sync
- Using cut+delete+paste in the context menu cause crashes
- Windows : Crashes on startup on Windows 2003 with Terminal Services enabled

Version v0.6601 (May 19th, 2004)
- OS X : Audio Units hosting

New Modules:
- Noise Generator (White and Pink noises for now)

- New Preferences dialog
- Added progress dialog when downloading from online group catalog
- Now tries to load audio/MIDI devices by their names first
(useful when you use the same audio/MIDI interface on different machines)
- Faster cut/delete/polyphonize operations
- Right-clicking on a bidule automatically select it
- Now show the value of the parameter being changed through parameter linking in
the bidule's window status bar
- Bidule ReWire dynamically shows if it can sync to the ReWire mixer application
- Added dialog to locate audio files for the mediapool when loading a layout and
not being able to find them
- Preset parameter can now be virtualized as a choice control showing all the presets
by their names
- Audio File Recorder : now shows elapsed time and size of file on disk
- Basic Audio Buffer : upped maximum to 180 000ms
- MIDI File Player : added loop option
- MIDI To Sync : Better Sync generation, more options.
- Polyphonic adapter : pitch bend support
- Polyphonic adapter : can now output MIDI
- VST : implemented reportConnectionChanges
- Windows Audio File Recorder : can now optionally output using WAVEFORMATEXTENSIBLE format

Bug Fixes:
- Starting/stopping audio processing causing crashes/problems under certain specific conditions
- Glitches when using ASIO after using MME even if the cpu usage is low
- Crashes sometimes happening when un-polyphonize-ing or deleting a bidule
- Audio File Recorder : various record/stop problems when using parameter linking with it
- Audio File Recorder : tries to append to the file when selecting an existing file for overwriting
- Default layout : Parameters of VST plug-ins in default layout not loaded correctly when starting Bidule
- Groups : sometimes audio skips upon deleting a group
- Groups : virtualized preset parameter maximum isn't set correctly
- Groups : UI wasn't rebuilt after changing the UI control type of a parameter
- Groups : terminal bidule connected to group input doesn't work
- MIDI Input : sending note offs for every note on every channel sometimes doesn't work
- MIDI Note Extractor : amplitude output sometimes cause clipping of synth voice
- MIDI Step Sequencer : doesn't send sync information correctly to SupaTrigga
- OS X : crashes on startup if Helvetica font can't be found
- OS X : can't load more than 200 something files in sampler plug-ins
- OS X : mouse wheel behaves weirdly for zooming in/out
- OS X : windows sometimes showing under the menubar
- OS X VST : crashes when quitting when using some specific plug-ins
- Sync source not always updating their names in the Sync To submenu
- Unknown (Red) bidules: sometimes cause crashes depending on how they are connected
- VST : multiple plug-ins with non-characters uniqueIDs (Pluggo) can't be seen by Bidule
- VST : only one of multiple plug-ins having the same internal name show up in the list
- VST : audioMasterOpenFileSelector returns 1 even if no file is selected
- VST : some Waves plug-ins crashing when adding them to the patchbay
- Windows MIDI : can't see more than 64 MIDI devices

Version v0.6502 (January 18th, 2004)
- Added a preference entry for choosing the number of wanted MIDI ports
when running Bidule in ReWire Device mode

Bug Fixes:
- Audio Switcher : sometimes buzzes when changing active output
- Audio File Recorder: doesn't record properly when takes occur rapidly
- MIDI Step Sequencer: stuck notes sometimes happening
- MIDI Step Sequencer: OS X Display problems
- Clicks in processing mode changes.
- Crash in standalone mode when loading a bidule file made from ReWire mode.
- Uninstaller didnt remove ReWire Device.
- Crash when removing output connections from a VST (actually fixed in 0.6501.1)

Version v0.6501 (December 13th, 2003)
- Bidule can now run as a ReWire device
(Windows Digidesign hardware and software users, please read the ReWire section
of the help file first)
- Presets support for bidules and groups
- Offline processing mode
- Fading is applied upon changing processing modes
- Added replace to the context menu
- Group connectors can be named by double-clicking on them inside the group
- No more need to restart Bidule when changing audio/FFT settings
- Parameters using the mediapool for selecting wavefiles can now be linked
to other parameters
- Added "Add/Remove All" buttons in the Locked Parameters dialog
- Added "Takes" mode to the Audio File Recorder
- OS X : added Bidule virtual MIDI ins and outs
- VST chunks are now compressed in .bidule files

New Modules:
- Dummy
- Input Selector
- Keystroke
- MIDI Note Creator 2
- Multitap Delay (up to 2 minutes of delay)
- Sync Creator
- Output Selector
- XY

- Accum : Added a trigger output for loop mode
- Audio File Recorder : Stopping recording and then restarting it without changing the file
will append to the file instead of overwriting it
- Clip : Now uses float numbers instead of integer
- Constant : Added FFT delay (the delay induced by FFT+iFFT an audio signal)
- Lookup Table : Added Interpolation parameter and the possibility to use audio files
- MIDI CC Filter : Lets non-CC MIDI messages pass
- MIDI File Player : Can now be sync listener
- MIDI Input : MIDI learn now working without having to connect the device to the graph
- MIDI Note Filter : Lets non-Note MIDI messages pass
- MIDI Step Sequencer : Can now be sync listener
- MIDI To Sync: Added parameters+GUI to let the user specified a constant tempo
- Parameter Modulator : now only change parameter value if the input value has changed
- VST : plugins that can send VSTTimeInfo don't need to be connected to the graph anymore

Bug Fixes:
- All : If the layout was saved at a greater resolution than the one
at loading time, some windows don't appear
- All : Group parameters are screwed up after changing the exported parameters
of a subgroup
- All : Shortcut for connecting multiple connectors at the same time doesn't work
with group's inside connectors
- Audio File Recorder : Sometimes file doesn't get written to disk immediatly
- Basic Audio File Player: File doesn't play if play is triggered before a file is loaded
- Buffer Granulator : Randomize sometimes causing crashes on OS X
- Deconcrisseur : Not remembering values correctly upon loading
- MIDI File Player : Crashes if there's no time signature in the MIDI file
- OS X : Bidule crashes if ReWire is not installed on the machine
- Parameter properties dialog : Reset not working for maximum in some cases
- Variable/Constant : Not working after switching processing mode
- VST : Kontakt+Battery sometimes stalling when loading a layout
- VST : Some plugins not remembering their state correctly
- VST : Trying to control Waves plugins parameters through parameter linking crashed Bidule
- VST : Presets drop down still display old preset names after loading a bank from the plugin's UI
- VST : Parameters with values greater than 1 are set to 1 at saving time
- VST : Classic series not correctly initialized
- VST : VST presets can't be changed if the plugin GUI isn't showed first
- VST OS X: Some plugins resizing their window makes the toolbar disappear
- Windows : Bidule doesn't work if the arial font files can't be found

Version v0.6000 (July 18th, 2003)
New Modules:
- Audio File Recorder(1,2,4,6,8 and 10 channel(s))
- Audio File Player (1,2,4,6,8 and 10 channel(s))
- Audio Matrix
- Basic Audio Buffer
- Bin Delay
- Gate
- Lookup Table
- MIDI File Player
- MIDI CC Extractor
- MIDI Matrix
- Spectral Graph
- Spectral to Frequency/Amplitude
- Value List (Indexed)

New Included groups:
- Convolution XFade
- MIDI CC Lin to Log
- MIDI CC Inverter
- Stochastic MIDI Note
- Stochastic MIDI Note List
- Stochastic MIDI Seq
- Spectral EQ
- FreqTimeDub

- Added Parameter properties dialog where
you can set the min/max/mutation factor of parameters
- Added Randomize parameters function (also a controllable parameter)
- Added Mutate parameters function (also a controllable parameter)
- Added Lock for randomize/mutate function
- All slider controls now have a textbox to manually enter the value (don't forget to hit enter)
- Disk Streaming (beta)
- Added ReWire devices configuration dialog
(so you can set a default number of MIDI inputs/audio outputs)
- Faster FFT/iFFT thanks to FFTReal by Laurent de Soras
- VST: Added support for WaveShell 4.01
- OS X : Started adding some AltiVec optimizations

- Audio File Output : now automatically using wav format on Windows
and aiff format on OS X
- Audio File Output : now automatically adding .wav on Windows
and .aiff on OS X to filenames
- CC Creator : added a third input (trigger) to force creation of CC messages
- Freq/Mag Binary Operator : rename itself like Binary Operator
- General : Renamed passthrough to bypass
- General : Cut/Paste/Copy/Undo/Redo including linked parameters and sync
- Parameters window : the bidule hierarchy now appear in
the links window (in the form groupName.biduleName [parameterName] )
instead of just the bidule name
- ReWire : the devices are kept open, no more ReWire errors when
loading layouts containing a ReWire device you're already using
(You might need to turn off auto launching of the application in
the ReWire device configuration dialog)
- Virtual parameters dialog : you can now double-click to add/remove parameters
- VST : VST(i)s with no custom GUI now have proper preset management
- VST : Added rename preset
- VST : Implemented audioMasterGetDirectory
- VST : VST(i)s only requesting tempo can now be synced

Bug Fixes:
- Accum : looping not working correctly if maximum is changed once the looping has started
- All : Crashes on dual proc machines
- All : Bidules selection/lasso not working after panning the patchbay
- All : Crash when there is a polyphonic adapter in the default layout
- All : Crash when there is no default layout
- All : Group contents disappearing from Parameter window after using
the Virtual Parameters dialog
- All : Potential crash when using the Parameter Modulator on a parameter
in a shown window
- All : Group properties not wanting to remember that a group has no inputs+no outputs
- All : Terminal bidules still processing when inside a muted/bypass group
- All : Only 1 group entry instead of 2 when saving an existing group under a new name
- All : Virtual parameters dialog always rebuilding the virtual parameters when pressing OK
without keeping track of parent groups referencing the virtual parameters
- All : Virtual parameters rename dialog not selecting text automatically
- All : Virtual parameters dialog not keeping the selection when moving up and down
- All : Parameters with value close to the minimum sometimes resulting in loaded/copied parameter with minimum value
- All : Crash when the target linked parameter has no GUI controls and the bidule owning the parameter has a gui
- All : Note protection, stealing priority, retrigger not saved/loaded with polyphonic adapter
- All : Group GUI not remembering visible state, position and size
- All : Polyphonic Adapter dialog not remembering retrigger parameter of polyphonic adapter
- All : Sometimes crashes when deleting a group containing a polyphonic adapter
- Audio Switcher : Noise in previous output when changing the active output
- Freq/Mag Binary Operator : Min and Max not working correctly
- Groups : Saved group not appearing in the palette if Bidule crashes in the same session
- MIDI to Sync: Potential crash when syncing VST
- Mixer : GUI sometimes not showing correctly
- Mixer : Target volume jumping to maximum when source volume set to minimum
- OS X : Rename bidule dialog not selecting text automatically
- OS X : MIDI devices detection causing Bidule to crash
- OS X : Problem with Mach-o VST loading on some machines
- OS X : SampleTank causing a crash when loading
- OS X : VST : audioMasterOpenFileSelector not working
- OS X : Now using proper shortcuts for cut/copy/paste/select all/new/save/open
- OS X : VST : Major bug preventing some plugin to work correctly
- OS X : updated Portaudio library should make more audio drivers work
- OS X : Mbox is not detected
- OS X : and lots of other tweaks/fixes
- Spectral to MIDI: Sending multiple notes on/off if the note doesn't change
- Step Sequencer : Size not remembered when loading a .bidule
- SynchedArpegiator : Syncing not working correctly
- VST : Plugins not outputting sync info when they should
- VST : Crashes with plugins erroneously reporting to be able to use chunks
- VST : Processing mode not remembered when loading a .bidule
- VST : Generic GUI not updating for plugins internally updating their parameter values
- VST : Complete Bank not saved when saving a .bidule file and the plugin doesn't support chunks
- Windows : bidule.log file sometimes not created in the directory where Bidule is installed
- Windows : Double-clicking on a file containing a space in its name or path not working
- Win98/ME: The infamous 98/ME bug (hopefully)

Version v0.5701 (February 26th, 2003)
New Modules:
- MIDI CC Creator
- Recursive Function
Bug Fixes:
- Fixed PortAudio bug for ASIO cards using int24 for input (EX: Edirol UA-20)
- Fixed parameter linking
- Support for Waves plugins proxy (waveshell.dll)
- Bad contents of Step Sequencer upon pasting.

Version v0.5700 (February 8th, 2003)
- New Polyphonic Adapter to make polyphonic synths out of mono groups.
- Some audio processing optimizations
- Now using single document interface
(so that OS X and Windows versions look the same)
- OS X Alpha tests started. (please be patient until Beta tests!)
- New faster code to detect the selection of bidules
- Some OpenGL optimizations
- ASIO duplex devices now showing as 2 bidules in the patchbay
- MME and DirectSound duplex devices are now available
- Added a progress bar when loading sound files
- New VST/groups scanning mechanism (should always be up to date
with what's on your HD)
- VST errors now showing in the statusbar
- Can now set the processing mode of a multiple-selected bidules
- New bidules
- Basic ADSR
- Trigger Clock
- MIDI Note Number to Param
- MIDI Note Velocity To Params
- MIDI To Sync (beta)
- Changes
- Stats about the driver and ASIO Control Panel now
available when double-clicking on an Audio Device
- All Envelopes bidules now have an activity gate output
- Step Sequencer now exporting currently playing sequence on
each channel as parameters
- Treating Note On and Note Off as two different message types
in the MIDI Message Filter
- Fixes
- better refresh
- some VSTs crashing on initialization
- prevent VSTs from sending MIDI events outside of the current buffer
- removed isPinConnected interface implementation since too much
developers haven't implemented it thinking of a modular application.
- linking 2 parameters of the same VST
- P4 denormal with the Biquad Filter
- Possible division by 0 with the Biquad Filter
- Possible division by 0 with the Sync Extractor
- Possible stuck notes when using the MIDI Note Transpose
- Linked parameters not copied when cutandpasting a group
- Unlinking parameters sometimes made other links dissapear
from the list in the Parameter Pool GUI
- Sync link not being loaded correctly sometimes
- List of sync sources in the context menu showing more than it should
- Cut and pasting of bidules from inside a group to the outside sometimes causing
weird connections
- VST plugins directory registry key is an empty value
- Specified Minimun sometimes not loading correctly for Parameter Modulator and Variable
- MIDI Note Creator sometimes not using the correct detune value on Note Off messages
- MIDI Note Extractor using a 1ms glide even when none was wanted

Version v0.5601 (October 26th, 2002)
- Added "Spectral Freeze" Bidule
- Improved ReWire timing precision (Live's synch seldom flashes anymore)

Version v0.5600 (October 20th, 2002)
- Added "Random" Bidule
- New group
-Schottstaedt String Tone

-Optimizations in Portaudio library (thanx again Ross!)
-Fixed VSTGUI/ReWire refreshes.
-Fixed Sync Extractor/Arpegiator group

Version v0.5600RC1
- ReWire Mixer support
- New bidules:
- Building Blocks : Accum
- Building Blocks : Basic Audio File Player
- Building Blocks : Basic Filter
- Building Blocks : Binary Logic Operator
- Building Blocks : Change
- Building Blocks : Clip
- Building Blocks : Counter
- Building Blocks : Function
- Building Blocks : MIDI Note Creator
- Building Blocks : Sync Extractor
- Building Blocks : Trigger
- Building Blocks : Value List
- MIDI : CC Filter
- MIDI : CC Remapper
- MIDI : CC To Params
- MIDI : CC Value Scaler
- MIDI : Message Filter
- MIDI : Note Filter
- MIDI : Note Remapper
- MIDI : Note Transposer
- Misc : Parameter Modulator
- Spectral : Frequency Logic Gate
- Spectral : Frequency Variable
- Spectral : Magnitude Logic Gate
- Spectral : Magnitude Variable

- Modified bidules:
- Audio File : Added saving as 32 bits float to Audio Buffer
- Audio File : Audio File Output now available with 2 or 6 channels
Added saving as 32 bits float
- Audio File : Added interpolation parameter to Audio File Looper.
Added playing start at the same relative position when changing files.
- Building Blocks : Added retrigger input to ADSR Envelope (at any stage)
- Building Blocks : Added e, 12th root of 2, and 1 on 12th root of 2 to Constant
- Building Blocks : MIDI Monitor is now terminal
- Building Blocks : Oscillator : added ramp [0;1] oscillator
Oscillator : changed 4th input from "initial phase" to "phase offset"
- Building Blocks : Added portamento and specifiable wheel range to MIDI Note Extractor
Inversed the order of the Gate and Trigger output to match the other bidules
Plus type of action needed (Always steal, use lowest note)
- Building Blocks : Added Round to Unary Operator
- Building Blocks : Added MIDI note to frequency, frequency to MIDI note, cents to
frequency ratio and frequency ratio to cents to Unit Converter
- MIDI : Added play/stop button to the Step Sequencer
- Spectral : Added Ramp to the possible wave types of Spectral Resynthesizer
- VST Hosting: Implemented effEditKey opcodes
Implemented isPinConnected interface
- New Included groups:
- 16 Step Seq
- 16 Step Seq2
- Analog Drum
- Analog Kit
- Arpegiator
- Complex Limiter
- Formant Filter
- Note to Chord
- PD Osc
- Pitch Sampler
- Pseudo Granulator
- PWM Osc
- Saturate
- Simple Limiter
- Stereo Delay
- Stereo Flanger
- Tone Gen
- Two Band Distortion
- Waveshaper
- Wavetable Synth

- Added mechanism to display sync source/synced status of bidules in the patchbay
- Added transport information when syncing bidules
- Added Alignement Command in the Patchbay context menu
- Added automatic rename in the patchbay to the parameter value for
Binary Operator, Constant, Function, Unary Operator and Unit Converter
- Added display of possible range in the status bar for inputs and outputs of some basic bidules
- Text is now automatically selected in the rename dialog
- Changed the play/stop button in the toolbar for an on/off switch
- Added directory browse dialog when changing the VST plugins path
- Better displaying of audio file types in the MediaPool GUI
- Added option to save MediaPool content when saving a group
- Added mechanism to limit the number of patchbay refresh per second
- Fixes
- Several little VST hosting bugs (many thanx to tobybear's Kondor!)
-fixed CRITICAL bug with host dangling "all notes off" midi events
(made some plugins crash between after a stop/play command)
-fixed preset list drop down to be VST 1.0 compatible
-fixed receiving of MIDI events from certain plugins
-added Bidule-side FPU control word protection
-misc VstTimeInfo members fixed
-audioMasterVersion returns 2200 (as SX)
-audioMasterCanDo's (host) now properly filled
- Rare occurence crash when deleting bidules and audio was playing
- Fixed propper CPU speed detection routine (for tighther timing)
- Bug in our addons to PortAudio that would prevent some audio cards to work
- Crash when trying to use an audiodevice inside a group
- Mixer crashes when using parameter linking with it
- Potential crash with remote catalog
- Bidule appearing in the taskbar and not possible to view its window
- Group dialogs now showing proper value of virtual parameters in the statusbar
- Min and Max inversion in Binary Operator
- Loading problems when using reserved characters for bidules/parameters display name
- GUIs of bidules contained in a group sometimes appearing+disappearing immediatly when
deleting the group
- Fixed first bar syncinfo from Step Sequencer (now starts at ppqPos=0)

Version v0.5000 (July 24th, 2002)
- Added Pitch Bend to Note Extractor
- VST fxbs load/save added
- VST fixed selected program save/load
- Parameter Pool now is hierachical (by groups)
- Optimized band limited osc.
- Misc Groups manager bugs fixed

Version v0.5000RC1 (July 15th, 2002)
New features:

- Bidule Grouping ability

- Pre-made example groups:
4-Tap Delay
Comb Tone
Freeverb (based on Jezar's famous reverb - public domain)
Random Computer Tones

- Group Manager
(up to date live info from's Catalog of
of freely downloadable groups)

- Unified Audio Device Types (now one exe for ASIO/DS/MM)

-Bidule Palette

CTRL-drag for n to n connections
CUT and Paste of bidules/connections

- Default Patch

----New modules----

Oscillator (new name of "tone generator")
-New choice of bandlimited tones (on/off)
-Freq/amp/trig/phase inputs

-MIDI Note Extractor (extracts freq/amp/gate/trig from MIDI notes)
Can only do monophonic tones right now...
polyphonic and portamento managers in next version

-Sample And Hold
-Constant (with many usefull defaults, like current SampleRate)
-Logic Gate
-Unit Converter (ms 2 samples, dB to Linear. etc)
-Envelope Follower
-Audio Monitor
-Midi 2 value (smoothly interpolates CC's into audio)
-Stereo Squeezer (Stereo image width reducer)
-Audio switcher
-MIDI switcher
-Magnitude Stretcher
-Magnitude Breeder
-Magnitude Shifter
-Frequency Stretcher
-Frequency Breeder
-Frequency Shifter
-Frequency Inversion

Improved modules

Delay Line
- Fully interpolating output depending on variable delay lenghts

- now has user definable min/max ranges
- and convenient slider

-reporting errors at the end of scan only
-can be terminal (MIVI now works)
-can generate VstTimeInfo (be sync source) (lots of things i dont remember)
-manual loading of FXP/FXB started (will be complete in 0.5000 -no RC)

New Parameters
-Better efficiency in linking, CC mapping
- lots more routing flexibility

Bug Fixes
-misc opengl fixes (ATI128 crash),
-misc vst hosting fixes
-and little optimisations here and there

Version v0.4501 (May 12, 2002)
Bug Fixes
-ASIO devices detection logic in PortAudio.
-OpenGL crashes with some cards (please try with your own!)
-VST GUI ASIO crackles on some plugins
-VST loaded from .bidule causing infinite loop
-VST protection from GUI coordinates fetch.
-VST saving binary "chunk" states.
-VST subdirs "changed" detection for auto scan.
-Loss of sound in iFFT using Frequency Binary ops
-Patchbay panning directions inverted

Version v0.4500 (Apr 23, 2002)
Bug fixes
-ASIO devices fixes
-PlogueBiduleASIO.exe can now play the tutorial layouts
-New Windows help file and splash
-and more...

Version v0.4500 RC1(Apr 16, 2002)
New modules:
-Mixer (8 mono ins, stereo out)
-Buffer Granulator (beta)
-Spectral To MIDI (beta)
-Spectral Cherizer (beta)
New features:
-MIDI Splitter has a new program change mode
-Improved parameter linking window.
-Textures in processsing modes (passthru, mute)
-Tone generator now has a toggleable linear envelope.
-New tutorial layouts 7 and 8
Bug fixes/Annoyances
-Layout of default GUI enhanced with value display, tab access.
-Sequencer display buffering enhanced (less flashing)
-Catching errors on VST editor close
-Checking for VST duplicate and Common IDs added to scanning. (and removing them)
-Mediapool bugs
-Bugs in layouts saving
-Error message when current sample rate isnt supported by driver

Version 0.4419 pre-beta (Mar 23, 2002)
New modules:
-SmartElectronix Granul8 (slightly modified by us:)
-MIDI Channel Remapper
-MIDI Channel Filter
-MIDI Note Shuffler
-MIDI Velocity Scaler
-MIDI Monitor
-SpectralDomain Pitch Shift
New features:
-ALL: Process/Mute/Passtrhough modes added for Bidules (non devices)
-Sequencer: Clear Button and Set BPM/StepSize for all in PlayList
-Correct Phase vocoding with user selectable FFTSize and overlap factors
-SampleRate,BufferSize, FFTSize, FFTOverlap are now in prefferences
Bug fixes/Annoyances
-Adding protection so that only one device is opened at once.
-Fixed VST-selected patch vs. Bidule's selected patch problem.
-Took out warnings after a VST scan.
-Sample Accurate AudioFileLooper, ToneGen, BobocheSampler
-Fixed random GUI appearing when deleting bidules bugs
-Fixed MIDI Learning bug (used last CC received when not in learn mode)
-Fixed crash on manual sequencer bank loader.
-VstTimeInfo fixed for Reaktor3 synchronisation
-Wav file listing discrepancy between wav pool/Bidules

Version 0.4153 pre-beta (Feb 10, 2002)
-New options to automatically show GUIs when inserting them... or not.
-Fix for paths (they are now remembered)
-Fixed locales (use whatever you want, it doesnt bother Bidule anymore)
-Misc bad VSTi behaviour fixes.
-Added supplemental crash protection in VST scanning phase
(a new popup will warn the user that a plugin acted funny
and that bidule wont use it in the future)
-ASIO driver optimizations, especially for the hacked Live drivers
(a new "output only" driver is now available for it, instead of a fake duplex)
-OpenGL optimizations so that it does less screen refreshes (helps ASIO a lot!)
-Fixed random crashes in AudioFileOutput and AudioBuffer,
that would crash Bidule randomly on start/stop file writing.
-Fixed 24/16 bits file for audio cliping wraparound.

Version 0.4152 pre-beta (Jan 29, 2002)
-MIDI Outputs work (must have a Audio Device somewhere though)
-Parameters can now "learn" a from a MIDI CC. (see Context menu below)
(got rid of the old MIDIToParam Bidule, now obsolete)
-Playlist Interface for the MIDISequencer ( first version )
-VSTs/VSTis/AudioFileLooper can now be synched to any MIDISequencers
-First third party deal: SmartElectronix Chorus! (more to come!)
-VST Sorting by "directory names", and "DLL names" as option (happy???)
-New "radar" view for the Patchbay
-Speed slider of loopplayer now goes from [-2.0;2.0] Scratchy!
(only available if not synched)
-Modules pins information are now displayed in the status bar.
-Each Bidule now has its own context menu
(bidule must be selected first then right clicked)
-VST fix for some wrongly sized GUIs (FM7, sonic syndicate plus, etc)
-Maybe some other things but we don't remember, it's been a long time ;)
+ and many other bug fixes.

Version 0.4100 pre-beta. (date?)
- Completely new Patchbay ( see next section )
- Added Spectral Domain Bidules and connectors
This is a preliminary version of all Spectral Bidules, so for now
FFT size HAD to be fixed to 256 so is the Standard Audio BufferSize!!
you can't change it anymore in the registry for this version.
Also the Phase Vocoder overlap factor is also set to 1 (no overlapp)
So everything you do spectral-wise won't exaclty be high quality
all this section is _very_ alpha.(see Bidules section for specific details)
- Enhanced MIDI Sequencer (16 Sequences can run simultaneously, one for each midi channel)
- Added MIDI Splitter
- Added support for VST opcode audioMasterOpenFileSelector and VstPinProperties
- Changed saved files format ( you won't be able to load your previous .bidule files )
- Fixed bug with MIDI Devices allocation/detection
- Added option for selecting your own VSTPlugins directory and manually call the
scanning ( see the Edit Menu )
- Fixed popup dialog when clicking cancel on open file dialog

Version 0.4001 pre-beta. (Oct 22, 2001)
- Added Ctrl-left mouse button as deleter of connectors/midi notes
- MIDI and Audio Devices appears with their real names in the menu
- Double-clicking on a Bidule in the Patchbay brings up its GUI

Version 0.4000 pre-beta. (Oct 21, 2001)

Version 0.3003 alpha (Sep 22, 2001)
New features:
-Layouts Try the 3 new Bidule examples in layouts (but dont use ASIO!!!)
-AudioBuffer Saved wav files now instantly appear in MediaPool!
-Patchbay: Bidules now have a size proportionnal to their max inputs/outputs, yay!
-MediaPool: Can now load many wav,aiff,au,raw files at once!
-ParticleSequencer: Spectrum colored balls.

-Patchbay: Seb added a feature that _we hope_ will solve lots
of crashes that occur when adding/removing connections in playback.
-Patchbay: Middle clicking + hiting del made Bidule crash!
(budz_ reported)
-Menu: First dummy entry on the menu reported "missing main"
(ben@KVR reported)
-VST: Now looking EffectName, then ProductString, then dll name.
(marc3poirier/DFX suggestion)
-ToneGenerator: Noise's wavtable access (noise sounded loopy!)
-Device Names: Now generic (execpt in patchbay) to make sharing of .bidule
files a reality
-MoogVCF: Fixed "speaker destroyer" side-effect.

Version 0.3002 alpha
-Minor fixes
-Started Implementation of own CPU monitoring with overflow management (50%)

Version 0.3001 alpha
-Particle Sequencer now outputs MIDI!!!!
-Saves now workspace layouts (thanx seb!)
-Now using VSTPath from registry if previously set, otherwise using/VSTPlugins
-Using SGI GL implemtation. If you have an accelerated card,
your normal Gl ICD will of course be used, otherwise, you have something
faster than MS's implementation .
+ you could test the software mode if you want (see below in GL Config)
-Fixed AudioBuffer filename problem
-Fixed Paths problems
-Fixed Max Midi Devices crashes.. I hope it covers all!
-Minor additions to sequencer. (can now change sequences)!
-Minor AudioDevice Fixes for same input/output name
(thanx Laurent for finding this!)

Version 0.3 alpha (#musicdsp dev friends test)
WavePool and AudioFile Player speed changes. (soon to match BPMs)

Version 0.2 alpha