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If you are interested in doing business with Plogue, please use the form below.

FOR SUPPORT: Before using this form, please have a look at our HELP section where we have the manuals, FAQ and tutorials. Also, have a look at our forums where most common issues have already been addressed. For lost licenses, please refer to this form.

To report a bug or to get e-mail technical support, please attach the log files using the “Choose file” button below. To generate the log files, follow the instructions detailed here.

The Plogue team hangs out in the forums every day and there is also a great community of users who get involved in helping each other. Plogue does not provide e-mail support for sforzando. To get support for sforzando, visit the ARIA Engine forums. Thank you.

Please note that any inquiry for Alter/Ego voices (whether you want to create your own or get access to an older one) will not be answered. Alter/Ego is a not actively developed.

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