Garritan Announces ARIA engine and Instrument Sounds used by Microsoft Research in Songsmith

ARIA Engine

ARIA Engine

Garritan annonces that its ARIA engine and Instrument Sounds are being used by Microsoft Research in Songsmith, a new software application that intelligently provides accompaniment to solo voice or instruments, using signal processing and machine-learning techniques developed at Microsoft Research.

Songsmith is a great tool for any musician who wants to compose and quickly experiment with melodies, arrangements and accompaniments. Just plug in your microphone, guitar, violin or any other solo instrument; press a button and make music. “Export-to-MIDI” allows you to grab your output from Songsmith and move it into your favorite pro audio sequencing environment, as a “sketch” to help you start working with a new song.

Garritan has provided all the instrument sounds in Songsmith, nearly a gigabyte of samples. The audio engine powering Songsmith is the ARIA sample engine, customized by Plogue Technologies and optimized for Microsoft Songsmith. PG Music, makers of Band-in-a-Box, supplied the style engine used in Songsmith.

There is a “Get More Instruments from Garritan” button in Songsmith where users can access a wide array of additional downloadable samples for purchase.

“Songsmith represents the hard work of some enthusiastic musicians at Microsoft Research who love music technology and love working with music,” said Dan Morris, one of the researchers at Microsoft Research who led the development of Songsmith. “We are incredibly pleased to have worked with Garritan and Plogue on this project, so that we could bring the Songsmith concept to life with the outstanding samples and audio rendering that Garritan is known for.”

“The whole idea behind Songsmith is congruent with our goal of making creative tools available to all musicians,” said Gary Garritan. “We are excited that Microsoft Research has chosen Garritan and Plogue for their sounds. And it’s been a win-win collaboration and Microsoft’s rigorous feedback and resources have helped us to further innovate and enhance ARIA.”

Whether you’re a musical novice looking to make a song to send to a friend, an aspiring songwriter looking for a quick back-up band, or an experienced musician looking for an innovative new “sketchpad” to spark new ideas, Songsmith with Garritan sounds will provide exciting and unique new creative possibilities.

More information about Songsmith, including a free-trial download, is available at The full version of the product can be purchased at the online Microsoft Store for $29.95 in the U.S. and 29 Euro in the EU. Add on packs for Songsmith are available at