Mute state persistence, etc

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Mute state persistence, etc

Postby Gritz » Thu Oct 11, 2012 6:38 pm

1) I've been working on a group that makes use of Parameter Modulators to mute / enable sub groups and to interact with GUI elements and I'm getting a few inconsistencies. If a parent group is muted and then unmuted then the previous processing states of the groups within it are not remembered, but instead all sub groups are enabled.

However, bidules (not groups) whos' modes are controlled by Parameter Modulators correctly remember their previous state if the group containing them is muted and unmuted.

Furthermore, as these mute / process commands are one-off events (rather than e.g. a stream from a MIDI CC) then I've seen that Bidule sometimes misses them. Unfortunately I can't reliably replicate this behaviour - it's quite rare and seemingly random.

This is happening on two different PCs running .9727 and .9725 - both Win XP SP3 x86.

2) Exported Group Parameters window: Accidentally double clicking on a parameter in the right hand pane (which is easy to do with a trackpad, or if you're just in "Windows mode") causes that parameter to be deleted from the right hand pane. It doesn't seem to be a vital function as there's a perfectly good "remove" button. Remember also that the editor window has focus, so there's no undo on this action (except pressing cancel and starting again).

Oh, and when opening the Exported Group Params Window, would it be possible for Bidule to remember the previous window size / position and mebbe start with each Bidule's parameters not expanded in the left hand pane (and remember which ones I had expanded)?

Cheers! :)

Edit: I forgot...

3) Ramp oscillator: It's not an audio oscillator as such, so wouldn't it be better if it dealt with non-integer periods by wrapping around rather than interpolating? Currently it's not suitable for driving lookups, generating waveforms via trig, or addressing audio buffers.

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