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Postby stephenjw » Wed Jul 24, 2013 11:44 am

It's only a small thing.

I have a large single screen and a number of programs running (explorer, sequencer. audio processor etc), including Bidule, and within Bidule, a number of opened items.

I get everything just right so I can see all the windows relevant to a particular stage of my workflow, then I click on any item in Bidule and immediately every single Bidule window springs to the front and undoes all my careful ordering. Not sure what "floating frames" does but it shore doesn't help the problem.

How easy would it be to arrange so that when I click on a Bidule, that item alone comes into focus and to the front, and all the others stay where they are in the window hierarchy?

Alternatively I did once suggest using the taskbar for individual bidules, and though everybody laughed then, it would certainly be helpful to me to have the option.

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