Bidule with Mainstage, Rewire and Soundflower

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Bidule with Mainstage, Rewire and Soundflower

Postby julianvelard » Sat Jan 11, 2014 11:51 am

Hey guys,

I don't know if this post counts as a bug, so I've posted this in the general forum as well..

I've been using Bidule as a wrapper for Kontakt and other third party plugins to save CPU when using Mainstage 3 (loading VSTs as Plugins in Mainstage 3 can get a little hairy). Bidule also lets me use the full range of Kontakt's multitimbral capabilities. I've been getting the audio back into Mainstage by creating an Aggregate Device with Soundflower and routing out of Bidule that way. I've been having the occasional glitch and midi jitter with this method, including a bizarre midi pitch shift issue which I can't pinpoint - every now and then the plugins hosting in bidule will inexplicably modulate, forcing me to reboot Bidule.

Mainstage 3 now has rewire host capabilities and I'm curious if routing the audio through rewire will be smoother on the latency and audio end. That said, Bidule Device doesn't come up when Mainstage is launched as the rewire host. It does come up with Logic, but for some reason I can't figure this out with Mainstage.

Any thoughts? Suggestions? I've even tried booting up Logic first, then Bidule (so the device appears), then closing Logic, then opening Mainstage. Thought I could trick the computer. No dice.

Also curious - do you think Rewire will be better/more stable than Soundflower in this regard? Any other suggestions for getting audio/hosting plugins in Bidule?


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