midi prefs: "never substitute devices" should be default

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midi prefs: "never substitute devices" should be default

Postby nym » Mon Jul 06, 2015 12:23 pm

i recently got into big trouble with this setting.

bidule is the backbone of my music equipment. it controls and routes all of my midi controllers to all of my different applications, computers, etc. in doing so, it relies HEAVILY on Loopbe30 and ipMidi. it also has a number of midi controller inputs and outputs. if any of these inputs/outputs are confused or switched, it is HELL trying to find the problem and fix it.

so recently during my attempts to get bidule and reaper communicating via osc, i installed bidule's 64 bit version just to make sure it wasn't a 32/64 bit issue. this somehow unchecked "never substitute devices" and promptly rejiggered all of my midi inputs/outputs...so the QUNEO input was labeled 3-Launchpad and vice versa. it was a mess and kind of scary. also, since my bidule rack is HUGE, it was an absolute pain trying to find inputs that are scattered all over the project (and FIND wasn't much help, since they were renamed!)

substituting devices seems to me to be a big danger to have as a default pref setting. my opinion is that it "never substitute devices" should be the default behavior.

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