Multicore MP Assign

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Multicore MP Assign

Postby NeoFelisMale » Fri Feb 05, 2016 11:52 am

I think I met the wall with bidule and must look to another daw that is more in line with my needs. I used bidule as my initiation into vst plugins for my music project and I used months up on months, I worked and tried more than a team of professional engineers on a payroll to put my project together.

I use a asio based multi input output sound card (Scarlett 6i6). I have optimized windows7 to absolute perfection, using even prossess lasso( disabled core parking, fine tuned every inche of windows, hand tuning), reg cleaning, service cleaning, irq optimizing, usb port isolation. I setup jackd with bidule for perfect! buffer match. Changed cpu for a i7 4 core. This system is running 88.2KHz at 16 buffers without a singel pop or click. I have no cpu spikes. So I set it to 32 buffer perfect match to give my self a little more headroom.

What I can not get bidule to do is:

1. I want to use each core for different tasks. 2 cores for adding effetcs to my two inputs, on cpu for each. 1 Core for mobius looping. 1 core for shared effects.

2. I have used Aux Vst plugin to try and get clean input to output lines with aux taps. I have used jackd virtual loopback cables going from output to input. I have tried any combination possible to man with mixers between signal paths, aux plugins and virtual cabels. I even used an old vst mixer plugin.

3. No matter what I do I get pops and clicks on mp setups. No matter what combination. I am not stressing the cpus in any way. The instant I start to connect the cables in a final mix cpu resources increase( not to beyond usable) and mobius stars clicking.

4. MP assign has been tried like 100.000 combinations. Mobius without mp, with mp (all cores tried). MP has been used before and after mixers. MP as been used before and after virtual loop-back channels. Every combination under the sun...

5. Finally I got my head up and out of the spaggeti. I tried a live daw that I found, to compare, with my fine tuned system it runs everything without any problems. It will take time to get the new daw right. And I love experimenting. My conclution is that the Multicore support in mobius is unusable for normal human beings. Unless you use a setup so simple that the point of multi-core support becomes unnecessary it does not work well.

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