Get parameters in init()?

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Get parameters in init()?

Postby dts350z » Sun Mar 20, 2011 9:56 pm

I have something I want to run during loading of my plugin, so I have it in init() and all is fine.

But now I only want it to run IF a checkbox "run at startup" is checked.

Here's my parameter setup:

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pinfos[0].id = 0;
    pinfos[0].type = BOOLPARAM;   
    pinfos[0].ctrlType = GUICTRL_CHECKBOX;
    STRCPY(pinfos[0].name, "Check At Startup:");
    pinfos[0].linkable = 1;
    pinfos[0].saveable = 1;
    pinfos[0].paramInfo.pb.defaultValue = false;
    pinfos[0].paramInfo.pb.isTrigger = false;

STRCPY is defined as strcpy_s under windows, and strcpy under OSX.

Now my problem is that when I do:

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getParameterValue(0, CheckAtStart);
  if (CheckAtStart == 1 ) {

inside init() it seems that CheckAtStart is always ==0 regardless of whether or not it's checked.

Here's my parameterUpdate()

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Version4_8::parameterUpdate(long id){

      if(id == 0)
      getParameterValue(0, CheckAtStart);
      if(id == 1)
      getParameterValue(1, CheckNow);

Is it just that at the time of init we don't have the parameter values yet?

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Re: Get parameters in init()?

Postby seb@plogue » Mon Mar 21, 2011 8:52 am

Is it just that at the time of init we don't have the parameter values yet?

Yes, once init is done, parameterUpdate is called for every parameter.

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