\t in labels

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\t in labels

Postby dts350z » Sun Apr 07, 2013 4:12 pm

for this code:

Code: Select all

#define STRCPY strcpy_s
#define SPRINTF sprintf_s
#define SSCANF sscanf_s
#if MAC
#define STRCPY strcpy
#define SPRINTF sprintf
#define SSCANF sscanf
// -- snip --

   n = SPRINTF(_sEdge1,"%1.1f\t%1.1f",Edge1,AngleEdge1);
   n = SPRINTF(_sEdge2,"%1.1f\t%1.1f",Edge2,AngleEdge2);
   n = SPRINTF(_sEdge3,"%1.1f\t%1.1f",Edge3,AngleEdge3);
   n = SPRINTF(_sEdge4,"%1.1f\t%1.1f",Edge4,AngleEdge4);
   n = SPRINTF(_sEdge5,"%1.1f\t%1.1f",Edge5,AngleEdge5);

   updateParameter(p27, _sEdge1);
   updateParameter(p28, _sEdge2);
   updateParameter(p29, _sEdge3);
   updateParameter(p30, _sEdge4);
   updateParameter(p31, _sEdge5);

The 2nd column of numbers disappears from the plugin gui whenever the update happens, until you resize the gui, then they reappear.

The those parameters are used in a group, the same thing happens, but independent of the plugin gui (each one must be resized to get the 2nd column of numbers to show)

I've done similar things before, however, and those are still working.

Code: Select all

   n = SPRINTF(_sLF, "%+8.1f%+8.1f", _fMaxdB[0], _fRMSdB[0]);
   updateParameter(1, _sLF);
   n = SPRINTF(_sRF, "%+8.1f%+8.1f", _fMaxdB[1], _fRMSdB[1]);
   updateParameter(2, _sRF);
   n = SPRINTF(_sC, "%+8.1f%+8.1f", _fMaxdB[2], _fRMSdB[2]);
   updateParameter(3, _sC);
   n = SPRINTF(_sLFE, "%+8.1f%+8.1f", _fMaxdB[3], _fRMSdB[3]);
   updateParameter(4, _sLFE);
   n = SPRINTF(_sLS, "%+8.1f%+8.1f", _fMaxdB[4], _fRMSdB[4]);
   updateParameter(5, _sLS);
   n = SPRINTF(_sRS, "%+8.1f%+8.1f", _fMaxdB[5], _fRMSdB[5]);
   updateParameter(6, _sRS);
   n = SPRINTF(_sLBS, "%+8.1f%+8.1f", _fMaxdB[6], _fRMSdB[6]);
   updateParameter(7, _sLBS);
   n = SPRINTF(_sRBS, "%+8.1f%+8.1f", _fMaxdB[7], _fRMSdB[7]);
   updateParameter(8, _sRBS);
   n = SPRINTF(_sLI, "%+8.1f%+8.1f", _fMaxdB[8], _fRMSdB[8]);
   updateParameter(9, _sLI);
   n = SPRINTF(_sRI, "%+8.1f%+8.1f", _fMaxdB[9], _fRMSdB[9]);
   updateParameter(10, _sRI);
   updateParameter(13, "start");

Guess it's just the \t then.

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Re: \t in labels

Postby seb@plogue » Mon Apr 08, 2013 9:38 am

The string ends up being sent to the UI control/OS. IIRC tabs are not rendered by default with most controls, you should probably insert spaces instead.

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