midi control for various paremeters?

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midi control for various paremeters?

Postby zatoichi » Tue Jun 28, 2011 4:25 am


Before i ask my question, here's what i did"

I was mixing on a two deck system with chipsounds on a track in garage band, a vci 300 outputting my mixes from algoriddim dj, and midi keyboard outputting chipsounds from garage band.

I've noticed of course tempo being clocked to garage band on my decks, and a few other weird but interesting things such as chip sounds emitting whenever i was playing on the decks simultaneously with the tracks i was mixing.

In this bizarre moment, it seemed some of the paremeters on the UI which is inaccessible to me blind man, were being changed via my dj midi controller.

TO the point now:

Are there mappings made for different controllers out there that work nicely with chipsounds? I got an lpd8 and an mpd 26 from akai and wondered if i can map some sliders and knobs to chip paremters so i can do stuff on the fly without a mouse, on an interface i can't see.

So far all i can do is load presets via a seriously DIY method, and i'm really hooked and wish to have more control over the stuff sighted folks have before them.

If anyone has a midi note index where some notes are premapped to some controls or something, i'd be really grateful to know how i go about mapping them to my controllers.

Thanks for your attention

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Re: midi control for various paremeters?

Postby davidv » Tue Jun 28, 2011 8:44 am

Nearly every parameter in chipsounds is available as CCs so its normal that some of them get accidently changed using a DJ controller.

please look at the manual for full CC mapping
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