What's wrong with my sfz file?

Discussion on the SFZ implementation and opcodes available in the ARIA engine.

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What's wrong with my sfz file?

Postby rytmenpinne » Mon May 31, 2010 9:51 am

Helo, I've got some problems with my free piano libray, called the salamander grand piano. I've only properly tested it in a sample player called linux sampler, where everything works like a charm except on_locc# and on_hicc# opcodes haven't been implemented so there are no pedal noise samples. A couple of days ago I posted a thread on kvraudio so I could get some feedback from people with propietary players and other free windows player, however, most are reporting problems.. One user(marce) got this when he loaded it in aria http://stashbox.org/912284/aria%20and%20sfz.jpg

I'm not sure but I think it has something to do with the pedal noise samples. I'm also very uncertain of how this is supposed to be done, Here it says that you need to set lo(hi)key to "-1" to disable note-on, but the official sfz documentation says lokey and hikey only range from 0 to 127. The free sfz player also only plays pedal noise samples if you do this.

Here is what it looks like now:

<group> hikey=-1 lokey=-1 on_locc64=64 on_hicc64=127 off_by=2 volume=-30

<region> lorand=0 hirand=0.199 sample=48khz24bit\pedalD1.wav
<region> lorand=0.2 hirand=0.399 sample=48khz24bit\pedalD2.wav
<region> lorand=0.4 hirand=0.599 sample=48khz24bit\pedalD3.wav
<region> lorand=0.6 hirand=0.799 sample=48khz24bit\pedalD4.wav
<region> lorand=0.8 hirand=1 sample=48khz24bit\pedalD5.wav

<group> hikey=-1 lokey=-1 on_locc64=0 on_hicc64=63 group=2 volume=-30

<region> sample=48khz24bit\pedalU1.wav

my kvraudio thread with links to the library: http://www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewtopic ... sc&start=0
And the .sfz file http://j.imagehost.org/download/0013/Sa ... BackupOrig

I mapped it with a program called sfZed

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Re: What's wrong with my sfz file?

Postby davidv » Tue Jun 01, 2010 9:37 am


I just downloaded the piano and reproduced this "polyphony discrepancy" message.
ARIA is quite strict on the matter of polyphony groups, so this is really more of a warning.

As you know "group" opcodes are not tied to <group> sections (i know its not very intuitive)
So what happens is by default all regions are of group=0 and have infinite polyphony (not quite: 4294967295 aka MAX_UINT32), and an off_by set to 4294967295 as well.

what happens is that your first pedal section:

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<group> hikey=-1 lokey=-1 on_locc64=64 on_hicc64=127 off_by=2 volume=-30

still is group=0, but has a different polyphony logic than all the previous 'notes' regions (off_by=2)
So ARIA sees that as polyphony group discrepancy.

To sort this, just give that section another group id.
My modified SFZ thus looks like

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<group> hikey=-1 lokey=-1 on_locc64=64 on_hicc64=127 off_by=2 volume=-30

And it doesnt complain.

Also using hikey=-1 lokey=-1 is alright.
David Viens,
Plogue Art et Technologie Inc. Montreal.

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