Noteon delay and Envelopes

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Noteon delay and Envelopes

Postby caseyjames » Sun Mar 14, 2010 11:25 am


I'm loving the new presets for chipsounds. I really want to dig into working with making patches. The tracker wave sequencer is definitely cute and in the mood of video game controls, but the amount of time it gobbles makes it unusable for me in a professional schedule.

Two things that I think would really help alleviate the need for necessarily using the waveseq are:

A note-on delay - this way we can load up lots of chips on different slots on the same midi channel. Hitting one note on the kb would trigger the chips at different times creating a oneoff complex articulation

Multiseg Envelopes and a way to route them - It would be really really useful to control videogame type parameters using envelopes. An optional sample and hold on their output would give a similar sound to what the waveseq tracker does.

If is very very easy to completely change the entire character of a parameter animation using an envelope... A wave seq -- staggered with a sequence of many unrelated parameters essentially requires starting over if large changes need to be made -- largely because each entries start time is relative to all of the events preceding it.

Envelopes also offer a visual cue as to what the patch will sound like and how to alter it to a desired effect. The tracker is nebulous.

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Re: Noteon delay and Envelopes

Postby davidv » Mon Mar 15, 2010 8:29 am


I agree about the envelopes and routing, and this is something which will be surely part of 2.0.
Right now the underlying engine and its UI dont allow that kind of dynamic routing, otherwise
it would have been in day one.

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