1.6 No hardwave/Sync buzzer in YM2149F

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1.6 No hardwave/Sync buzzer in YM2149F

Postby davidv » Tue Sep 11, 2012 7:58 am

A missing $DIR macro definition in chipsounds.bank.xml caused the YM2149F to lose some of its waveforms

Open chipsounds.bank.xml and change the <AriaProgram name="01. Pure Chip/AY/YM2149F (2 MHz)" > for the following,
save and restart..

Code: Select all

   <AriaProgram name="01. Pure Chip/AY/YM2149F (2 MHz)"    >   
     <AriaGUI target="*CHIP_CONTROLS" path="GUI/AY2.xml" />
      <AriaGUI target="*ARIA_CONTROLS" path="GUI/AY2_1012.xml"  />
        <AriaElement id="0" path="Programs/01. Pure Chip/AY.sfz" >
            <Define name="$CLOCK_REF" value="2005311"/> <!--   should that be 2000000??     -->
            <Define name="$AMP_STEP"  value="6.25"/>   
            <Define name="$HARDWAVE1" value="sample=*com.Plogue.DAC.5Bit.Logarithmic|$DIR/BIN/YM2149F_hw1.bin         sample_const_param03=4"/>   
            <Define name="$HARDWAVE2" value="sample=*com.Plogue.DAC.5Bit.Logarithmic|$DIR/BIN/YM2149F_hw2.bin         sample_const_param03=4"/>   
            <Define name="$HARDWAVE3" value="sample=*com.Plogue.DAC.5Bit.Logarithmic|$DIR/BIN/YM2149F_hw3.bin         sample_const_param03=4"/>               
            <Define name="$BUZZER"    value="sample=*com.Plogue.DAC.5Bit.Logarithmic.Resynch|$DIR/BIN/YM2149F_hw3.bin sample_const_param03=4"/>               
            <Define name="$AYV"       value="YM"/>           
David Viens,
Plogue Art et Technologie Inc. Montreal.

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