Running Sforzando on Sm Pro V-machine (hw vst player)?

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Running Sforzando on Sm Pro V-machine (hw vst player)?

Postby Ojd » Wed May 04, 2016 9:55 am

Hello. I'm trying to run sforzando on V-machine - hardware vst player. Its an old hardware, but i've found ways to make it work. Right now i'm using it as in two ways: playing samples, loops, bits, even full tracks by playing 4 tracks at the same time in Samplelord vst. I've managed to load 2+ GB of sample data at the same time this way. Another way is to use samplelord to load my banks of keys, most of which I've sampled myself. Sometimes I mix both ways, and can get 6 instances running at once (with 5 tracks of samples = 5 voices + 1 track of keys + fx vst= 16 voices). I've outgrown Samplelord by now, so i've tried sforzando (i'm most interested in building sounds from ground up), and i must say, i'm impressed. BUT. Its not loading into V-machine right away. V-machine works by two things: vfxinfo.txt and plugin dll + needed directories. This video might clear things a bit:

So to make it work i need registry entries for sforzando, aria, plogue etc. Basically, I need info on what registries i should copy. Also used dlls. I've tried using process explorer app, and i haven't found anything (like dlls from system32 folder or similar, like in the video)

If someone will help me with this, i'll post and instrument made of rare vintage organ (vermona et 6-2), with drawbar control etc

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Re: Running Sforzando on Sm Pro V-machine (hw vst player)?

Postby davidv » Wed May 04, 2016 10:19 am


Please have a look at the chipsounds V-Machine script for reference.
It may or may not help, but we cannot (since sforzando is free) spend time on officially supporting it on that platform.
Link is nowhere to be found atm though. IIRC the chipsounds scripts were installed by their utility?
David Viens,
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