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JurianChibo's Chipspeech works

Postby JurianChibo » Mon Sep 07, 2015 7:07 pm

Hello there! I decided to make a little topic here to put my Chipspeech tracks and covers and such. I'll fill it up as time goes on, so don't hesitate to pass by after a while to see if I made new stuff :)

I've been following the developpement of a french voice synthesizer for quite a while now (Named Alys), who is voiced by a french youtaite (Google it if you don't know the term) that I respect. So when this song came out with the instrumental and the MIDI available, I jumped on the occasion to cover it. It is quite hard to understand Bert sing in japanese, or maybe I just didn't find how to yet.


If you, for some reason, want the voice presets, do communicate with me through either this forum, or by leaving a comment on the video/comment sections of the links.

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