ableton fx disable workaround

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ableton fx disable workaround

Postby pond » Mon Oct 29, 2012 5:49 pm

hello everyone

i thought id post my experience in case someone finds it helpful one day, also someone may have a better solution

The problem:
Ableton automatically disables fx on a track that has not received or produced audio for a certain period of time.
This meant that a vst bidule effect with a synced oscillator was having its phase reset to the moment of input after passages of silence.

The workaround:
My present solution is to add a noise oscillator to the output of the bidule, multiplied by 0.000011 (any lower and it doesnt work) which adds a very low level signal, pretty inaudible, but enough to force ableton keep the effect switched on

anyway i hope that makes sense, im not the best explainer in the world

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