Bidule midi/learn/bypass toggle -synced to Reaper

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Bidule midi/learn/bypass toggle -synced to Reaper

Postby capn slugo » Sun Mar 02, 2014 10:30 am

Hi there.
I’m new to Bidual and happy to see that it’s an extremely powerful tool.

I wondering if Bidule’s midi/learn/bypass toggle function can be applied to a VST running in Bidual and linked and locked to a corresponding midi/learn/bypass toggle coming into Bidual coming through
Reaper via loopbe3.

I have an elaborate multi instrument studio/live set up running several instances of Kontakt in Reaper over all midi channels. My keyboards are Fatar/ Studio Logic and the keybeds are fantastic but the midi control functions are a disaster when it come to the simple task of changing presets/programns. I’ve recently started using a novation Launchpad mini to function as an extensive program/preset change device. I’ve also set up several of its buttons to be able to toggle on/off additional voices. I’ve managed to get the Launchpad mini’s button indicator LED lights that show the state of presets and snap back and forth between idle and play.(but not “stop”)

I set up this up in Reaper using midi learn functions as well as various midi routers, JS midi hold piz, midi utilities to change presets programs and send the Launchpad indicator lights back usb midi data sorted in a way that groups it’s buttons LEDs to light on/off exclusively to display the presets states on different keyboard controllers.
I've also set up several Launchpad mini’s button/lights to off/on to function to add/subtract additional voices.

The arraignment works as a great and gives me great control over my setup. The lights/buttons work reliably and and correspond with what’s happening..................... when reaper is idle and recording ..

....however: the second I hit “stop” in Reaper, all the lights go off:

I’ve encountered a major problem trying to work around reapers “all note off” on stop- Reapers generates a hefty cc123 –It causes all the LEDs to go turn off on a “stop” and only return to light one at a time as a preset or voice toggle changed –

Apparently the midi Reaper transmits on “stop” simply can’t be filtered inside Reaper and any and every stop causes all LEDs on the Launchpad to go off.

I heard about Bidual in a Reaper forum trying to work through this and I’m delighted to see that it’s an extremely powerful tool.

I installed it and set up VSTs in modules grouping and midi hold functions and Bidual took care of the part of the problem as far as keeping lights displaying preset change on on through “stop” and retain the ability to snap to show the playback state on “play” .

The big problem I’m having is getting the other function , toggling voices on and off- and having the voices button lights stay on and correspond past a “stop”

I can’t use the same VST tactics for this past “stop” because of the “toggle” aspect.

In Reaper, I’m using a midi learn functions to route and mute areas of the midi stream feeding the instances of Kontakt that provide the additional voices.

I have quite a few tracks routed to switch tracks set up this way . I’m using Reapers JS midi vsts such as “midi eater “ in conjunction with other learned functions from each button in polarity to make the lights toggle consistently and in the right polarity on the tracks that provide the switch.

From what I’ve found , getting the LED lights to stay on past “stop” by filtering reapers cluster of data on stop, requires not only a cc123 filter, but an additional midi hold vst module in series after it .” A “toggle note on/off vst in series after that gets the light to toggle on .....and off but It’s a 50/50 proposition if it’s going to correspond to the voice on/off

(I have 10 channels these I need to get working).

I’m wondering if there’s a midi/learn/bypass function that can be applied to modules in Bidual that can somehow consistently lock with a midi/learn/bypass function fed to to it through Reapers so that the polarity of the switches are consistent with a simple midi learn function that somehow relates to reapers .

Thanks for any Ideas.

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