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Moog questions

Postby jersmi » Sun Feb 01, 2015 6:53 am

A brief foray into Moog-style oscillator sets, looking for tips on a couple points:

Hard sync -- with two oscillator sets, OSC1 and OSC2 (each mixing from triangle -> saw -> square -> pulse), how can I lock/sync OSC2 phase so it always starts phase when OSC1 does?

PWM -- I'm a little confused how a moog pulse osc (PWM) works, or maybe I don't understand PWM cuz I thought PWM by nature needs a dial for pulse width, but some don't offer it (for ex., sub phatty). Is there a typical way pulse width is "hard" set or determined by current freq?

Edit: I believe I got the hard sync, pretty simple -- send OSC1 freq (converted to samples) to a trigger clock for phase reset on oscillator.

Still a little confused on PWM, right now I have pulse width set by converting freq to midi not to normalized to send to second (inverted) saw (using the built-in PWM Osc).

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