an exercise in discretion

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an exercise in discretion

Postby nym » Sat Jan 21, 2017 4:46 pm

dts350z wrote:Re discrete, besides audio, midi, Spectral magnitude and freq signals, in another branch of PB there is a discrete type of signal (defaults to green lines) that only does processing on input changes, vs. every audio sample. If you have a bunch of control logic, to where you are running out of DSP, you can take advantage of discrete signals to lighten the load.

Not every bidule has a discrete counterpart however, as there is still a lack of clarity on exactly what the behavior would be in the discrete case for some bidules, but for a lot of functions you can just duplicate your audio logic with discrete.

...there is a separate "P2" test version with discrete signals on the latest version download page. To use the P2 version, you must first install the regular version, then download the P2 executable and put it in the PB folder and run it instead of the regular one (you can have shortcuts to both)

this is very interesting. i use a lot of midi and logic building blocks that, for example, listen for buttonpress, doublepress, and longpress. i built all of these using non-discrete bidules.

my DSP often sits at around 47. i don't know what that means. i do know that i ran out of CPU when i tried to load this bidule project on a less powerful computer.

i am considering rebuilding this bidule project, but it is absolutely massive. i asked about replacing existing bidules with their discrete counterparts, and got the response that doing it piecemeal is going to be the best way to do it.

moving forward i will be using the discrete version of bidule, but i wonder how much system resources i could get back with a rework of my monster project.

jersmi wrote:you might want to grab dts350z's discrete building blocks. Can you post a screenshot of some logic/switching/math heavy part of your layout?

sadly it's spread throughout the multimode midi controller mini-OS that is my bidule project.

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