Using Bidule with many (virtual) audio channels

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Using Bidule with many (virtual) audio channels

Postby Micheljarre » Mon Jul 31, 2017 6:26 am


I am interested in experimenting with a kind of "surround setup" with many channels, for example 24 or more. This setup primary is intended for a live usage. The real equipment used to realize such a szenario (for example by LAN and many small speakers) should not play any role at the moment, I am just interested in the software setup.

Cubase is a nightmare for this setup, I even do not know how to configure such a number of output channels. Nevertheless, it would be fine to have the Cubase MIDI and track engine to provide a basis for the setup.

Bidule on the other side offers some nice features to work with such a setup, for example matrix mixers and arbitray many channels (in theory).

But how exactly could Bidule be used for that purpose? First of all, I think of a virtual sound device offering that number of channels (and monitoring them via real physical outputs as well). Up to now, I was not able to find anything like that. seems to be close, but I didn't get it working. Something like ... -soundcard also sounds fine, but is already bound to a specific protocol and implementation.

Furthermore, if I use Cubase as host and Bidule as Rewire slave or VST plugin, then Cubase is the one to trigger the audio devices. That's bad news, because I can't see how to do something like that in Cubase....

Do you have an idea or suggestions for me to get closer to my objectives?

Thank you

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