MIDI timing in Bidule

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MIDI timing in Bidule

Postby V_ad_im » Wed Oct 18, 2017 2:57 pm


I attempt to understand, how to set incoming MIDI notes to waiting before properly (free) MIDI out port will be found:

1)I have a MIDI note on a MIDI input
2)I have a Map operator (red color on the picture) for marks 16 MIDI channels as "free" and "busy"
3) Before sending a MIDI note to a one of 16 MIDI ports, I need to test it's status: if port N is "free" - send a note to port N, else N = N+1 and go to 3)

Is it possible to make such "test cycle" in Bidule without loose incoming notes? as I understand, for this cycle some time may be needed, so - need I to keep incoming MIDI data in buffer?
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