Buggy MIDI response on mac AU/standalone?

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Buggy MIDI response on mac AU/standalone?

Postby F.E. » Fri Jan 13, 2017 2:00 pm

I get lots of MIDI glitches and transport errors with alter ego AU version and the standalone, the recent update (11 jan) didn't resolve my issues.
In logic, the transport doesn't always reset alter ego to first lyric line, sometimes the lyrics start in the middle of the bar instead of at the beginning (Maybe it could possible to add a switch to future versions that disables any text line jumping on transport start, useful if one wish to use only the breath controller CC to control the lyric line state). The standalone mac version doesn't have the transport bar bug, however, it seems to sometimes start looping the lyric lines in no controlled fashion, looping only 3 words out or for example a 5 word lyric line. Are these known issues that will be resolved, or/and is there any workaround for my troubles?

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Re: Buggy MIDI response on mac AU/standalone?

Postby eric_telemaque » Fri Jan 13, 2017 3:20 pm


Just a thought: Could it be possible that stray MIDI CC3 (A/E guide, page 3) messages get sent either from your controller or MIDI track? I know I've had dodgy knobs doing just that on a few controllers/synths myself.
*EDIT Take a look at the Logic's Event list view to make sure*
This is the only way to get a restart or looping in the middle of a line. AFAIK, we didn't get any report of such an issue.

If this isn't your case, could you email us a minimal Logic project file displaying the problem?

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