Expressive legato and vibrato live

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Expressive legato and vibrato live

Postby DSmolken » Sat May 13, 2017 6:11 am

Here's a quick tutorial I put together yesterday.

Basically got the vibrato a little more subtle and added a 0.3 second delay and linked that to a slider on my keyboard. I set up CC11 to go 100% to volume, about 10% to HF sizzle, and velocity to go 0% to volume, 100% to glide time. Linked CC11 to a wheel on my keyboard. Made glide times longer than default, lowered HF sizzle by a few percent, and turned up the send for ambience, and just playing a few random notes while moving those CCs around comes out quite fluid and expressive.

A bigger reverb and turning up the humanization parameter would probably help, too. I think those notes are like a half-remembered version of the "Cherry 2000" theme, but anyway... People who use virtual singers for these kinds of vocals will usually use sample-based singers with true sampled legato. This is different, but really much more flexible.

It would be really interesting to see if A/E could be set up to do this sort of thing with an EWI or some other nice MIDI breath controller. is where my sfz libraries are

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