Robot Push Key - 10 track album

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Robot Push Key - 10 track album

Postby dogblessyou » Wed Nov 12, 2014 7:03 pm

I released this self titled album on Bandcamp a couple of weeks ago. Now the distribution has kicked in. ... y33v3ajctu ... d937168224 ... 31-8696823 ... 623778-02/ ... 0065063224

I have been using Bidule quite a lot, mostly for manipulating and routing MIDI. The sound generally comes from hardware synths, drum machines and effects.

"what electronica and industrial would have sounded like if they had met under different circumstances than they did" - comment on soundcloud

"it sounded like Kraftwerk was mixed with Kyuss" - redpanda13 on Renoise forum

"this album brings back the feelings associated with first hearing Aphex Twin's Come To Daddy and Autechre's Incunabula. These are albums that had great impact on the electronic music scene due to their inspired creativity and their fantastic sound quality. Robot Push Key shares the same inventive enthusiasm for creating sound and adds a wonderful playfulness that brings out the child within" - FractureZine review

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