Daisy, Chipcrusher and Sforzando

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Daisy, Chipcrusher and Sforzando

Postby DSmolken » Wed Sep 16, 2015 3:23 am

Here's a track with Daisy on vocals. She also gets a bit of Chipcrusher for distortion during the bridge, I think based on the answering machine preset. During the bridge I wanted her voice to get more and more obviously robotic and weird before suddenly recovering with the last word. I ended up with automation clips for eight MIDI CC parameters in Alter/Ego - vibrato depth, breath and sizzle get tweaked during the verses and refrain to make the refrains sound more refrain-y, then during the bridge glide time and release time get taken down to zero while phoneme speed and helium go up. At the very end of the bridge vibrato speed goes up then comes back down with the last word.

The death metal vocals during the refrain are a real human, but I'm hoping to make an Alter/Ego voice bank from her voice, too.

In the instrumental there are a bunch of instances of Sforzando in there with various free Karoryfer Samples libraries. At least six instances for Growlybass (bass guitar during the verses), the Karoryfer x bigcat cello (refrain cello), Blackheart (refrain bass plucks), Cowsynth (high plucks during the instrumental breaks), Shinyguitar (clean guitar), Emilyguitar (distorted guitar during the refrain) and Pastabass (also distorted guitar during the refrain, and the distorted guitar fading in at the ends of measures during the bridge). There might be another Blackheart in there, too.

www.karoryfer.com/karoryfer-samples is where my sfz libraries are

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