Waiting For The Asteroid (with Daisy on vocals)

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Waiting For The Asteroid (with Daisy on vocals)

Postby cloudburst » Sun Oct 11, 2015 12:47 pm

Hi folks,

Here's my new song - would really value your opinions.


Although I play in the band Drinking Bird Experiment, this is the first song where I have composed all the lyrics and music.

I wrote the words first and then took the Teenage Engineering OP-1 with me for my stay at a friend's house in Italy for the month of September. During this time I created all the music on the OP-1.

Whilst in Italy, I read about Plague Alter/Ego, but didn't have a computer with me. So when I returned to Northern Ireland, I downloaded Alter/Ego and created the vocals.

I've since beefed out the OP-1 parts with other synths. My intention is to re record the bass part on bass guitar to make it a little more organic and to record the vocals with my band's female singer and male backing singer, leaving only a small amount of robotic vocals. (EDIT: this has now been done, leaving Daisy only in the intro, outro and slow bridge sections. If anyone wants to hear the version with Daisy doing all the vocals, drop me a PM).

The premise of the song is that we, as humans, are a 'broken' species who abuse the planet, other species and each other. And it's time an asteroid arrived to dispatch our species and force a re-evolution of life on earth.


Waiting For The Asteroid

Intro & Outro:
Reboot, Evolve

Verse 1 & 2:
Empty suits in office chairs
Serve themselves and no one cares
Their suits will not protect them from their doom

Adverts, lies and double-speak
Humanity displaced by greed
Our pockets will be emptied very soon

And we're waiting, waiting
Waiting for the Asteroid

Verse 3 & 4:
Indoor kids, computer pale
Your mummies say you cannot fail
The Asteroid will teach you otherwise

Prissy, zombie, Barbie wives
Gift wrapped, self-important lives
Luxury is a blindfold in disguise


Verse 5 & 6:
Our tropospheric ignorance
A shooting rock in hostile space
The cotton sky will strip away and burn

Religions poison open minds
The Death Ray heralds closing time
There'll be no sharia law when we return

Its strange that we should wish this on the lives
Of friends; their kids and wives
But that is just the way it needs to be

We've made a species which is not a species to be proud of
And its time to let this species cease to be.



https://soundcloud.com/drinking-bird-ex ... teroid-mad

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