Bla bla concubine (Daisy -> more male lead vocals; Noise-Rock)

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Bla bla concubine (Daisy -> more male lead vocals; Noise-Rock)

Postby thomekk » Fri Nov 13, 2015 6:33 pm

Just registered to put a big thank you for the innovative Alter Ego Synth.

It's real fun to play with it.
As I'm a guitarist I used Alter Ego here in combination with the Jam Origin Midi Guitar (and edited some notes afterwards).
The result is a strange bastard starting more romantic before it goes in a more Tomahawk-direction.
Hope you enjoy.

Alter Ego - for the lead
Jam Origin Midi Guitar
Amplitube - for the other, real guitars
FPC -> for drums
Aurroror -> noise fx

+ some Compressors

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