VST ADT for Satin users

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VST ADT for Satin users

Postby Breeze » Wed Apr 02, 2014 10:59 am

I wasn't on the market for Waves' recent ADT plugin, but I was interested enough to create my own in Bidule using U-he's Satin. You'll only be able to use this layout If you have Satin, of course. It's meant to be instantiated as a VST plugin, so if you're using it in Bidule, instantiate the Bidule vst plugin and open it within that.

It has a lot of latency (133 ms) because it needs to move "back in time" so to speak because the playback heads can precede the source; that's the nature of the effect so it's really a studio effect and not for live use. I've compensated for the latency using the "Bidule Plugin (with latency and tail time inputs)" VST I/O modules.

It's Stereo in and Stereo out. When instantiated, it uses Satin's 2-Head Delay page and the "heads" on the GUI have been placed in the middle of their run, which is for this purpose "real-time" and simultaneous to the source. To adjust the placement of the heads use the sliders on the bidule panel ("Head # Position") to move the heads on Satin, not the heads on Satin. All the other Satin parameters have been exported but are invisible; so if you save a preset in the layout, it'll save the Satin settings too.

The rest of the controls are pretty self-explanatory. Using the LFO's on the bidule panel has some advantages: there's more waveforms, they can be synced to host tempo, and the modulation can be seen moving the heads on the Satin GUI to give you a clear impression of what they're doing. The "LFO Amp" controls the level of the modulation. The only interesting LFO wave missing is random, which is a little more complicated to set up in Bidule, but some very interesting unpredictable patterns can be creating by combining the bidule's LFO modulation with Satin's own modulation settings. BTW, panning is managed at the Satin delay settings.

It's also possible to expand this in other ways: create other channel varieties, add another Satin for the dry signal, use Satin's 4-head delay mode, introduce random mod., and possibly an auto-return for manual control, though I'm not sure if Bidule can do that. If anyone ads to this bidule, creates interesting variations, or creates presets for it, feel free to post them here. Oh, and there's a few tiny "sub-groups" I created in there that others might find handy... Have fun!

Real Satin ADTx2 Stereo-Stereo.zip
You need to have U-he's Satin in your Bidule's VST list for this layout to work.
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