PhaseDistortion modular Osc / Congratulations!! #plogue15

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PhaseDistortion modular Osc / Congratulations!! #plogue15

Postby hlrf » Thu Oct 29, 2015 2:37 pm

I don't use Twitter but decide to celebrate with you guys by sharing Bidule layout. :D

This is a phase-distortion based digital modular synth system I've been developing, by normalizing phase increment to [0,1], you can do whatever can think of before sending it to a wavetable; the groups labled "phx_" are the "phase effects", chain them in series like audio effects, and send envelopes/control signals to the second input, those are normalized too, so an input of 0 always equal to bypass. After the phase fxs, a "wav_" group is needed to convert phase information [0,1] to waveforms [-1,1], thus an oscillator is completed.

Included are the most useful ones I made:
phx_VPM: a Korg clone, modulate with a sync-ed sinusoid in integral harmonics.
phx_width: split the waveform in half and modulate the relative width.
phx_ringmod: ring-mod the phase, SID-inspired.
phx_hardsync: self hard-sync, note frequency is the base.
phx_shrink: shrink the waveform. formant-inspired.
phx_resolution: bit-crush the phase signal.

wav_sine_fbkSaw: classic DX feedback Sine.
wav_sine_fbkSquare: Reface DX-inspired, placing an abs() in the feedback loop.

Thank you Plogue devs for the good products (I often use sforzando too) and nice support, so glad spent my first year of digital music using your stuff!
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Re: PhaseDistortion modular Osc / Congratulations!! #plogue15

Postby jersmi » Wed Nov 04, 2015 7:44 pm

These are really nice.... thanks for sharing.
Here's a mod adding some basics (GUI, ADSR envelope, mixer for waveforms) + LUT edit + LFO.

Ps. Wasn't sure what to call the last two Variables Multi sliders feeding/shaping the sine/saw and sine/square waveforms. "Skew" is probably not quite right....
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