Basic Sequencer Fun

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Basic Sequencer Fun

Postby NTO » Thu Apr 27, 2017 12:47 pm

Just foolin' 'round. Made this to exercise the step sequencer. Program change (left as 1-16) selects the note position that will be set to oncoming note, CCs for adjusting pace and level. Input selector to output (in development case) keyboard or sequencer ( 8 sequencers?). Trying to avoid hanging notes w/closer...

EDIT: Noted later, 0 on BPM input = max BPM for sequencer. Added .005 to the CC Extractor_0 out lead, but didn't change in enclosed Bidule..
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(Those numbers represent a modulator group - hope that is included in the enclosed layout)

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Re: Basic Sequencer Fun

Postby NTO » Fri Jun 16, 2017 9:50 am

STILL - A learning actvity
Revised sequencer to use (modified) one provided by (big thanks!) 'BDU' : viewtopic.php?f=8&t=2466&p=27292&hilit=BDU#p27292
I've been fooling w/this to do drums and melodies. It evolved some control to make it more 'performance' oriented.
There are three 'modes' selected sequentially with the Next Input Slct trigger control or CC85. : KEYS, PLAY, CONFIG. CC85 passed to output in all modes.
KEYS is the manual position. Tried to make this pretty much all pass.
PLAY is the sequencer active position. Output is on the midi channel used to configure (below) the sequencer. Program changes are passed to the output (check different sounds including @ PCzero), note activity on the keyboard is not passed, BPM control and midi note Velocity are.
CONFIG is the active position shown in the screen shot. UI open/close for this mode. Shows received midi channel, seq position selected for input, BPM controlled by CC 3, midi note Velocity controlled by CC 7, and actual note values for positions - drop-downs active. Program changes are NOT passed to the output.
I left the midi monitor view, and some notes I needed :roll: .
EDIT: I guess I fail to init something/somehow. Have to go to CONFIG and bump the BPM when I start it... :oops:
Questions/comments welcomed. :)
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