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Audio Dummy (terminal) features

Postby dts350z » Thu Feb 23, 2012 3:25 pm

Now that we have Audio Dummies (Terminal) I find they're handy for creating multichannel meters (right click --> Monitor), except I can't rename the pins (and therefore the meter labels). I could rename the pins by putting it in a group, that doesn't help with opening the meters or renaming the meters.

So, it would be nice if the UI for an audio dummy was the same as right click --> monitor. In other words double clicking or opening the UI would open the meters. Unlike right click --> monitor, this would need to open regardless of the processing state.

Double clicking on pins should let you rename the pins/meters (like inside a group).

This paradigm might extend to other bidules, other dummies anyway, that don't have a UI. Meters for the other signal types would, of course, be handy. Perhaps bin # could be a parameter, in the case of spectral signals (so the number of pins doesn't change).

A completely different approach would be to add vertical and horz. meters as GUI types in groups :wink:

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