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More Discrete stuff...

Postby Gritz » Thu Sep 20, 2012 7:31 am

... particularly a discrete with a memory function, like a sample and hold, which I tend to use a lot for things like "hold last good", hysteresis, shift registers and the like. Currently the only discrete that stores a value is the stack, which is a pita to implement and it doesn't hold the stored value at it's output anyway - as soon as it's popped, it's gone. Logic gates would be good too. And input selectors. And...

On a related note: would it be possible to look at the behaviour of single sample discrete events, like triggers and change bidule outputs? For instance the change bidule works in a "1 bit digital" application, but when presented with e.g. a set of ascending analog values it will only register the first event and then it's output will stick at +1, so that subsequent +ve going inputs are ignored. As for the trigger, I've not really figured out what that does at all. Plugging a discrete-> audio converter into the the output of a discrete trigger just reveals a jump from 0->1 and the level just stays at 1 for subsequent triggers. I know it works in discreteland, but converting one to audio for use elsewhere is... tricky. Similarly, a little oddness I had with a discrete value list revealed eventually that (by attaching an integer variable to the trigger increment input) that any integer step (up or down) was treated as a trigger. Huh? Maybe this is all a dream and I'm actually stuck in the Matrix. I know that discrete is all about changing events, but what about constants and variables, etc? They have persistence.

So yeah, my other feature request is a bit of an insight into how this stuff actually works. :lol:

Thanks in advance.

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