highlight midi/audio activity

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highlight midi/audio activity

Postby reezekeys » Thu Jan 24, 2013 10:52 am

This doesn't happen too often but the other night I set up my midi controller & laptop at a gig and could not get any audio from my Bidule setup. After ruling out my keyboard, laptop audio card & USB cable, I started looking at my Bidule layout - did something change? The quickest thing I could think of doing was to highlight a bidule, then hit Command-8 and look at the monitor. I started at the top, then continued down the layout... and I have a rather large layout.

So my idea is this – perhaps an option that would turn on small "activity monitors" for every bidule. Even a tiny dot of light inside the bidule's rectangle to indicate that, yes, there is data coming in and/or going out. I imagine it would take some CPU, so maybe you could enable/disable with a button on the toolbar.

BTW this time it was not Bidule's problem! :) In setting up, my hand inadvertently brushed against a knob on my controller and changed its midi output channel! But I have had a few instances in the past of messing with my layout, losing audio, then tracing midi & audio activity to find the cause.

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