MidiKeys style "hotkey" consumption in HID bidule

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MidiKeys style "hotkey" consumption in HID bidule

Postby krishkal » Tue Feb 05, 2013 7:16 pm

Per the discussion in the "General" section, I would like to be able to use one of the cheap usb footpedal switches to create MIDI note or CC. These pedals can be programmed to send a keystroke, with any combination of modifiers (such as ctrl-shift-z). MidiKeys can read these universally (even if the window does not have keyboard focus), but consume the keystroke, so the system does not generate an error beep. I would like this behavior to be added to the HID bidule (as an option, maybe, if it is not always desirable). To learn more, please download and play with MidiKeys: http://www.manyetas.com/creed/midikeys.html (unfortunately, it is a Mac only program, so you would need a Mac to see how it works!)

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