spectral graph analyzer and negative magnitudes

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spectral graph analyzer and negative magnitudes

Postby dts350z » Mon Mar 10, 2014 2:55 pm

It seems the spectral graph analyzer only shows positive magnitudes, however I believe negative magnitudes are "legal" for the iFFT and indicate phase inversion?

If so there should be some way to indicate negative magnitude in the graph analyzer. An option to shift the 0 magnitude point half way up the graph, and/or display negative magnitudes in a different color.

Of course some sort of horizontal scaling would be nice if you're going to revisit the code. As it is you can't fit the whole thing on two 1920 pixel monitors.

Also a terminal version please (since there are no magnitude terminal dummies)

Spectral Dummies, unary operators and a function would be cool too.

Magnitude Value Monitors should have a dB option (with a positive/negative phase indication).

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