CLose hanging CC #64s in midi routing bidules

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CLose hanging CC #64s in midi routing bidules

Postby reezekeys » Fri Mar 27, 2015 10:33 pm

The MIDI Switcher and MIDI Matrix have the checkbox to "Close Notes on Output Change" and "Close MIDI Notes", respectively. An option I'm taking advantage of a lot recently, as I need to switch involved routings as I play. I find I can get still get hanging notes if I have the sustain pedal pressed when I switch presets on these bidules. Obviously the sustain off byte is sent after the routing setup changes, so the message is never getting to where it's supposed to. The notes are caught in an "endless sustain" and it's actually very difficult if not impossible to turn them off.

I could probably wire up some bidules to act as sustain "closers" like the "MIDI Note Closer" does for notes, but I can't help thinking how much easier things would be if there was a second checkbox in the Switcher and Matrix to "Close sustain pedal on Output Change."

Unless of course, there's a bidule I've overlooked that can already do this! :)

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