Link a bidule to another as a duplicate

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Link a bidule to another as a duplicate

Postby ZergFood » Thu Dec 15, 2016 2:16 pm


You're probably aware of my ninja FR/hijack of the other thread (related FR tho):

I posted it here so it can get its proper FR section cause I felt bad going so much off topic.

Basically, if it's possible to make one bidule be linked to another in terms of data, so that it is a "duplicate" of it. Like a symbolic link (for files). This bidule would only hold the input/output pins & cables, and the target bidule it is a duplicate of (in the layout). When loading the layout, the data from the target is taken for this bidule, etc.

This is mostly helpful for VSTs that you need duplicates of, like the MIDI pitchbend split for each channel as the original hijack. Yes, I am aware that you can change the VST once it is loaded in memory, and I realize it's a lot of work to have it automatically sync everytime with the original. In fact, it is preferably to NOT automatically sync it with the original anyway, but only on layout reload. Not just much simpler to implement, but also much more useful.

Why? Well, in this case you can parameter modulate each "duplicated" VST individually, without affecting the others when doing so. Obviously each will have its own memory/RAM spent, that's normal, same as Polyphonic Adapter, otherwise it would be magic. Of course on reload, they will all be identical because their data is pulled from the one VST they link to, but the modulation will happen dynamically after that so it still works individually. This is also much simpler in terms of code as it only affects the layout loading process.

So it's easier to implement too, just need it when loading the layout to pull its data from another VST/bidule. That's all. Certainly possible? I hope it's a good idea/and or easy to implement. :)

Benefits: much better to not have to worry about re-duplicating every VST if you tweak the original, only need to reload the layout for it to take effect. Also much smaller layouts (on disk) for VSTs which need alot of data for their preset and need to be duplicated many times, since it will only be stored once.

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