Drag/move multiple objects in GUI and preset windows

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Drag/move multiple objects in GUI and preset windows

Postby CinningBao » Fri Mar 03, 2017 6:59 am

As the subject says really - moving single objects up large guis with dozens of hidden GUI elements is extremely time consuming and RSI inducing.
This little fix will mean we spend more time actually building instead of having intense clicking sessions which, quite frankly, aren't much fun.

Maybe even a button or switch to move in tens would be a (although not actually) godsend.

To summarise:
- select and move multiple objects in GUI and Preset window
- a switch to increase the number of steps selected objects are moved

cheers :)

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Re: Drag/move multiple objects in GUI and preset windows

Postby boonier » Wed Mar 08, 2017 5:56 am

+1 doing this through the UI. I think drag is better than moving in steps though.

What I've done in the past - and in the meantime, and if you haven't already - you can paste the group into an editor like Sublime Text then edit the xml directly. At the bottom of the group you'll see all the link nodes, which you can re-order, just remember to re-sequence the ids! Takes a few goes to get the hang of it, so just try on a really simple group with a few variables, rearrange in the ui and paste to see the difference.

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